lemme find out teddy pendergrass helps boost your law of attraction

i strongly believe in the law of attraction.
i believe that what you give your attention to can manifest in your life.
some of us are powerful creators that when we think or ask for some-thing/one,
it can come to fruition in a matter of seconds.

I feel the secret is you have to be reallllllly connected to every aspect of yourself.

the pretty vixen is a master manifester.
she has manifested her amazing life and the people in it.
i’ll never forget when she manifested her boss out of her life.
almost like a month ago when we were talking,
around the time drake came out with his latest album,
she told me:

“I’m done listening to Drake and hip-hop for a while.”

crazy enough,
i’ve been indulging in drake and some hip-hop pretty heavy.
so i asked her why

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go “easy on me” is what adele must be thinking as we indulge in her latest

when “hello” from adele came out back in 2015,
i was dealing with a lot to feel sad about.
i was in “crush” with a work wolf that would end a year later.
it was legit “hello from the other side” when we stopped speaking.
that song would become a blanket of comfort i would listen to over and over.
i like songs that come out and speak about your exact situation.
you bee like:

have you been stalking me?!?!?”

 my favorite part of that song was the background vocals during the bridge.
they described my emotions at that moment.


it is literally one of my favorite songs from adele.
it would be on the soundtrack of my life.
i waited patiently because spotify told me the song was gonna be released at 7pm.
i was listening to wizkid and his album ended right at 705pm.
you know a fox gotta come fashionably late.

my thoughts

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aaliyah is finally free

i keep saying and fonting that i never thought i would see this day.
20 fuckin’ years too long.
i felt like i’d be 80 and they’d finally release aaliyah‘s music for the public.
imagine what is gonna be the streaming platform in the future?
we gonna be in the music.

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adele is right on time to give us “sad girl fall”

you couldn’t not tell me adele’s first single would be a reggae-inspired bop.
one that speaks about heartbreak with a fuckboi on a nice dancehall riddim.
it would have us shouting “bop! bop!” as we weep.
adele teased her new single,
easy on me“,
on her twitter…

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guess who is performing at the 2022 super bowl…

i don’t have cable to keep up with sports these days.
i know i was all eyes watching the nba last season tho.
that season was a wash,
but the finals

I wanted to see if Brooklyn would have brought home the ring.

kd showed up and got performance anxiety.
is it wrong to think the knicks winning the ring would have hit more?
everyone who isn’t a sports fanatic looks forward to watching the superbowl halftime show.
that is when our selected favorites pull out their best for their career upgrades.
they announced who will be performing this year on nfl’s twitter

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lil nas x is ready to deliver his baby montero tonight

aa you can see,
lil nas x is ready to pop.

Little Montero is ready to be welcomed into the forests.

┬áthe album rollout he has been doing…

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