bey said we are going to ride the cowboys at the rodeo this era

I called it.
I knew it.
I felt it.
I heard it.

i had a feeling bey was dropping new music.
she wasn’t walking around here like dolly parton.
i knew before her iconic verizon commercial during the superbowl:

pause: i love love LOVE this commercial.
i love when bey shows us her personality.

well after usher’s concert,
bey was like it’s my turn and she broke the superbowl cause…

She is taking us to the rodeo for act ii.
Get your drops here.

i ain’t even gonna hold you:

I listened to 16 Carriages on repeat the whole night.

that shit touched my whole spirit.
i cried at one point.
i’m ready for this new album and era coming upon us.

Everyone dust off your cowboy boots,
saddle up,
and learn how to milk a cow slow.

and by cow,
i’m not fonting about an animal.

lowkey: i’m ready for the wolves to dress like sexy cowboys this summer.
i want a cowboy hat to let them know i’m ready to saddle up.

3 thoughts on “bey said we are going to ride the cowboys at the rodeo this era

  1. So, no one’s going to talk about the elephant in the room. I’m here for the disruption to the industry that a Beyoncé country album will cause, but let’s also get real. Taylor Swift just announced at the Grammys that she is dropping a new album, so this next awards season is pretty much going to be Beyoncé vs Taylor Swift and you know it’s going to get nasty and racial and everything else. With Jay Z publicly shaming the Grammys with his speech, I can totally see the Grammy’s passing up Beyoncé for the big awards next year, hopefully if you split the pony it might give an opportunity for Usher to win a major Grammy seeing how he also is dropping a new album and is coming off of his successful tours and the super bowl.

  2. I was never a big Beyonce fan(I liked her voice, but not always the music. I cannot stand Halo for example), but I have to admit Renaissance Act 1 pulled me in. Break My Soul grew on me. Cuff It grew on me. I instantly loved Plastic Off the Sofa and Virgo’s Groove.

    The main thing was the tour videos showcasing the experience on social media. Energy wasn’t in my top favorite songs and now is. Seeing the costume changes was like “seeing the visuals” or as close to it. It was interesting to be immersed in ballroom/house and I am here for her reclaiming yet another stolen BLACK genre.

    I also have been waiting for K Michelle’s country album.

    I hope to get to go to this tour in some super gay cowboy outfit. Maybe chaps if I’m feeling bold enough.

  3. I’m so excited for this next act of the Renaissance!! I just hope it’s not totally country music!! I hope she mixed country with house music and hip hop! It can be done!! Go and listen to Miley Cyrus album Bangerz! Country and hip hop music together throughout a lot of the songs!! I can’t wait to hear it!!

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