the “i could have done better” crowd have issues with usher

as a millennial,
i pulled up to see my gen x legend give us a performance.
usher has been a part of many of our lives since we were young.
he has done some dumb shit over the years that has gotten him caught up.
see what i did there?
he’s like bey with songs that bring back hella memories.

Sidebar: I’m listening to Confessions and I am taken back to a time when I was getting over someone.
I couldn’t listen to this album for a long time but it still sounds so fresh as it did in 2004.

i remember when “yeah” dropped and all the white wolves lost their shit.
that song in the club use to activate peak “copy the video” too.
so when i see…


“I was underwhelmed.”
“He looked tired.”

i feel like many of these jackals are gonna hate their aging process.
usher is a mid 40s wolf who is still giving us choreography.
he isn’t going to perform like “my way usher” in his 20s.
the fact that he is still giving us a show is a testament to his legacy.

Can we font when that shirt came off and he showed that mid 40s juicy ‘n’ thick bawdy?

i lost my mind briefly at this part.
he looks so much better to me now than when he was younger.
it’s that maturity in his face.

well the ratings are in and:

He pulled into ( x 30 million of us ) for his performance.
5% more than Rih.

…so he is still continuing to win,
“confessions” has more sales than any black artist of this century,
his vegas residency was always sold out,
and his tickets for his latest tour are selling like hot cakes.
usher has literally got a career resurgence that isn’t slowing down anytime soon.
i think usher will be fine if folks didn’t like his concert last night.

lowkey: and can we please stop being applaud about him hugging alicia?

they are more mad than she is and she didn’t look mad.
i would love a charismatic sexy negro to pull up on me like he did.
i’d melt.

6 thoughts on “the “i could have done better” crowd have issues with usher

  1. He DID that! While I’ve always crushed on Usher (I go all the way back to having the ‘You Make Me Wanna’ video on VHS [shout out to VCRs!!]) but when I saw his Tiny Desk concert something about how handsome and mature, yet, insanely youthful he looked I just couldn’t shake. I’m glad my boo got his long overdue national stage flowers!

  2. β€œI was underwhelmed.”
    β€œHe looked tired.”

    Mental illness!

    This is what I said about Rihanna. I wished she had waited until she had the baby and done it a few years later. Anywho, Usher put on a show, so I have NO idea what these people are talking about.

    I jumped up OUT of my seat and DANCED. There’s an Usher song for every stage of my life and it was SO nostalgic and feel-good! My only complaints were Alicia Key’s voice and Luda not doing:


    Saying you could do better than Usher is MADNESS. We could all do better than “vibes instead of rehearsal Rihanna”.

  3. Umm I can font from literally seeing this man in an almost 3 hour concert last year that he still puts on one hell of a show. That performance was only a rushed taste of his residency show and the family friendly version. Jamari, if your wallet and priorities will allow you to get tickets to see him, I highly recommend it. I feel like you will really enjoy it. There’s a reason why people kept going to his shows last year. It wasn’t just for the clout, it really is an amazing performance.

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