the “i could have done better” crowd have issues with usher

as a millennial,
i pulled up to see my gen x legend give us a performance.
usher has been a part of many of our lives since we were young.
he has done some dumb shit over the years that has gotten him caught up.
see what i did there?
he’s like bey with songs that bring back hella memories.

Sidebar: I’m listening to Confessions and I am taken back to a time when I was getting over someone.
I couldn’t listen to this album for a long time but it still sounds so fresh as it did in 2004.

i remember when “yeah” dropped and all the white wolves lost their shit.
that song in the club use to activate peak “copy the video” too.
so when i see…

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alicia keys wants to give your skin some much needed “soul care”

i want to thank one of the foxholers for this.
i was having a chat with @stylebytrouble about “fenty skin” by rihanna.
after the conversation,
it motivated to buy the “fat water toner” and “hydra vizor invisible moisturizer“.
at the time,
the cleanser was sold out and my cerave cleanser hasn’t failed me yet.
after using it these last two months:


like jill scott in that one song:


ever since i’veĀ  been using it,
it has done wonders for my skin care routine.
my favorite is the toner/serum tbh.
its so crazy i didn’t use toners before,
but i’m obsessed now.
it seems after the success of rihanna’s skincare line,
other celebs are jumping on that wave.
jlo and kim kardashian are working on theirs,
but alicia keys is about to launch one called “keys soulcare“…

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23 Ways To Die

vssn39t9zfyoipourzqxi love when celebs get together for the greater good.
so a few of our favs got together for a really good cause.
“23 ways to die if you are black in america”.
check out who collaborated with alicia keys and the “we are here” movement
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1-1alicia keys is trying to make a comeback.
i was lowkey feeling that “in common” track.
the words to her new track,
are saying what i couldn’t say…
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Music (Get Us Through)

CoverAliciamusic is funny…
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Alicia Keys Hair Stars In Dumb and Dumber 2013

umoki was just watching alicia keys video for “teenage love affair” the other day.
i remember i use to look at that vixen in the pink coat hair.
i always thought how her haircut really suit her face.
at first i thought it was ashanti.
well who knew alicia keys was reading my mind?
she decided to duplicate the same look in 2013…

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