Alicia Keys Hair Stars In Dumb and Dumber 2013

umoki was just watching alicia keys video for “teenage love affair” the other day.
i remember i use to look at that vixen in the pink coat hair.
i always thought how her haircut really suit her face.
at first i thought it was ashanti.
well who knew alicia keys was reading my mind?
she decided to duplicate the same look in 2013…

51d1d762d34cd_thumbwhy does alicia always set herself up for failure?
does swizz beats talk to her anymore?
who is her hair stylist?
has she banished mirrors?

this makes no sense why she chose jim carrey as her hair porn today:

twinsiesMean-Girls-GIF-Regina-George-Rachel-McAdams-You-Think-Youre-Really-Prettyalicia keys thought she would make a big splash with her new hair like b did.
too bad she ended up all wet.

Author: jamari fox

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  1. I don’t like bowl cuts either.Keri Hilson used to rock a weave that looked like a bowl going around her head.When she finally got rid of it, I was like “YAY.”Mainly because her hairstyle reminded me of an Mtv sketch where Bobby Lee played a weird Asian monk that had the exact same hairstyle.

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