I’m a Good Fox, I Am

tumblr_mx1xp7OhMA1qigj88o1_500i guess i’ve stopped giving a fuck at this job.
i have given many fucks over this last year and a half,
but now i’m over it.
my mouth has lost its filter.
i dropped it somewhere and i’m not in a hurry to find it.
so i found liar liar’s “screw”.
thank god…
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His Head Made Me Hungry

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.20.31 PMso mimi husband and professional “cornball”,
nick cannon,
is having a early life crisis white now.
he has a new album called,
“white people party music”.
tumblr_inline_ms8xexRBe21qz4rgpi know.
i can’t either.
well nick decided to debut his new head shortly after his white stint.
okay go…
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Alicia Keys Hair Stars In Dumb and Dumber 2013

umoki was just watching alicia keys video for “teenage love affair” the other day.
i remember i use to look at that vixen in the pink coat hair.
i always thought how her haircut really suit her face.
at first i thought it was ashanti.
well who knew alicia keys was reading my mind?
she decided to duplicate the same look in 2013…

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RG3 Gets A New Hair Style I Think You May Like

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 2.11.58 PMrg3 is going to get you to love him.
want him.
need him.
does this make you feel a tingling in your loins?
he lost the cave man dust braids to make you happy…

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 2.05.43 PM…ok bye!

lowkey: someone tell him braids and cornrows are out.