I’m a Good Fox, I Am

tumblr_mx1xp7OhMA1qigj88o1_500i guess i’ve stopped giving a fuck at this job.
i have given many fucks over this last year and a half,
but now i’m over it.
my mouth has lost its filter.
i dropped it somewhere and i’m not in a hurry to find it.
so i found liar liar’s “screw”.
thank god…

so she came to work in a new hairstyle today.
it looks hideous.
she attempted to do “the cassie”.
one side of her head shaved.
like ( x so ).
her real hair is too short to attempt it.
plus it doesn’t fit her head shape.
i don’t know what she was thinking.
clearly she wasn’t.
so she was asking everyone in our department what they thought.

“omg it looks great!”

“that suits you!”

“i like it!
i like it!”

…and when she asked me,
i flat out said:

“i don’t like it.
it makes your head look kinda lop-sided.”

tumblr_magxpjjNeY1r8zac6o1_250you know when people say someone’s face “cracked”?
well i experienced it first hand today.
lets just say she was quiet for the rest of the day.
so late in the afternoon,
work wolf hit me up:

“why did liar liar come over here asking me if her hair looked good?”

“she asked me and i told her it looked like garbage on her head.”

“lol yeah she said you told her it was ugly.
she was mad hurt over here.”

he told me how she was flirting hard body with him down there.
it looked obvious she was looking for attention.
i guess she needed him to build her self worth back up.
i guess i should have known she was type insecure.
i was so wrapped up at how she throws herself at work wolf,
i wasn’t really “looking” at how she is really insecure about her looks.
she also uses wolves to get attention when she feels low about herself.
good to know.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “I’m a Good Fox, I Am”

  1. I’m glad you cut her ass up!! Now hopeful she decides to hang herself tonite from the Statue of Liberty for everybody to see. Now that would be a true blessing!

  2. Hook line and sinker!😋

    lol all we need now is some fine celeb wolf to come in there and flirt with you heavy, I bet that will kill her.

  3. Lol! I remember when cassie had all the girls doing that style. I never understood it and figured their hair was going to be uneven as hell.
    Anyway jamari you a fool! Got that girl feel in shitty.

    Remember when Amber hit the scene and the girls were rocking Caesars with cone heads.LMFAO!!!!

  4. DKM Jamari LOL!

    Well that’s what she gets for being disrespectful for all this time! Serves her right! Good on you! LOL!

  5. Very few people can pull off that hair style. She is a mess. You didn’t say “It was ugly” you just said “you didn’t like it”. I hate when people put words in your mouth. That’s exactly what she get.

  6. BAP!!! I bet she spent the rest of the day picking up her face. I am so glad you were honest. I hate when people don’t tell it like it is. You better than me; I would have said: I don’t like it at all plus it looks ugly on YOU!

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