Oh Work Wolf, Where Art Thou?

so after work wolf’s mental break last week,
he has been more visible this week.
is it wrong,
or weird,
to say i missed him?
today he didn’t text me until like 3pm or so.
i made the mistake of reading his message and not answering

okay i did it purposely.
he went me two other messages in the span of an hour:



he walked up to my desk after dropping some files off like:

“so your phone not working or something?”

“wait whatchu mean?”

“you not answering messages now?”

hole up.
wait what?
last week i barely heard from him,
and now he trying to get flip?
nah homie.

“oh i was pullin’ your moves.
how you like it?”

tumblr_m32trnW4eX1qaf90uo9_r1_250“yeah whatever j.”

i texted him back a smiley face.
he replied back one as well.

as the day went on,
i saw him a few times in the halls.
i was completely over the day and wanted to go home.
he texted:

“why you look like that?
boyfriend problems?”

now i could have said “what boyfriend?”,
but i decided to play along.
so i responded:

“yeah this dude i just started talking to is getting on my nerves.”

fake it until you make it?
he replied:

“oooooh so you are talking to someone.
you been holding out on me.”

“you know i’m private…”

he didn’t respond after that.
when i got out of work,
he was waiting outside to walk to the train.
there was no talk about who i was “dating”,
but he suddenly wants to chill all next week.

“are you gonna schedule anything with these vixens you be seeing?”

next week is your week.
all for you jamari.”

“uh huh.”

i really like when we spend time together.
is it wrong or weird?
he is different outside of work.
it makes me happy.
when we got to the train,
he says:

“oh i might buy a ps4.”

my eyes opened up wide and locked with his.

“oh yay!”

this coming from the same wolf that when i told him i got one,
he said he was over video games.
tumblr_m3d890s7Gb1qf4nt5o1_250he also overheard me talking to a wolf from another department.
the wolf wanted my gamer tag to add me to his list.
well i’m glad he is getting one to play with me.
i’m going to enjoy kicking his ass.

lowkey: i’m supposed to cook him dinner next week.
i told him i usually cook and he is welcome to come thru.

he told me not to forget.
we shall see.

24 thoughts on “Oh Work Wolf, Where Art Thou?

  1. This seems to be a classic case of someone not realizing what they want until there is a possibility that someone else might end up getting it.

  2. I do this sometimes. I’ll be having an off day and I’ll just go into seclusion, then I snap out of it and I’m back to 100 like nothing ever happened. Lol!

    1. That’s been a concern of mine for awhile too actually, but I don’t think so. There is a small chance though lol.

  3. All I know is the day you cook dinner you better buy condoms…not too many or he’ll think your a hoe

    1. This entry made my night! There is a definite vibe here. He’s curious and time will tell. You can’t really go wrong as long as you remain a friend and whatever flows from that has to be a beautiful thing. I’m in your corner J!

  4. I like that you are taking a little more control and doing things differently. It’s just like you said before that once it starts seeming like your life doesn’t relove around them, these wolves want to try be around more lol

    Don’t worry I’ve don’t the exact same thing, lying like another wolf is in the picture. I tried it and my “friend” was surprised that I never told him. I just smiled and told him “other men do want me you know.” 😛

    Your friendship with him is special he knows it and you do.

    P.S. If you don’t know that to cook for dinner I hear oysters are an aphrodisiac

    1. ^i feel more confident these days.
      i’m operating a lot bolder than usual.
      i guess it finally hit me just how powerful i can be.

      i like your response to your wolf friend!
      i learned they have to know people want you too.

      hmm @ oysters.
      i’ll save that for later dinner.
      thanks mikey!

      1. Im normally against playin games but hell he definately playin games. U askin bout his vixens and him sayin nah next week is yours like you one of the vixens. Idk y he just doesnt go for it. I mean everybody at work sees it, he might as well cross the threshold.

        I say keep up these tactics because now the balance of power has shifted. You being honest hasnt made him step up so now this will make him show his real feelings.

  5. It’s not weird or wrong to say you missed him or that u like to spend time with him outside of work. He make you happy and that’s a good thing! But I’m glad u pulled the boyfriend excuse LOL…..If u hanging out with him all next week u ain’t gonna have time for that “boyfriend”.
    Makes me wonder did that lowkey bother him????
    Glad everything is back on good terms.

  6. Jamari!!! I was reading this entry and it exudes happiness. You wrote this with a smile/smirk huh? Friends are great. To be goofy with and play video games and so forth. You’ll always like him but I think the friendship really is blossoming.

    1. ^yeah mac i wrote it feeling pretty happy.
      i dunno,
      today being around him,
      i felt this feeling of happiness.
      he makes me happy.
      he is like a really good friend to me and i appreciate him.

  7. I don’t care what no one says, he wants you, Jamari. He doesn’t want to admit it now, and he maybe a tad unsure, but it is something definitely there. I sense a lot of romantic tension with a hint of sexual tension from what you have posted. It is his uncertainty with his sexually that is making him so apprehensive. Once he gets the jitters under control it is time to go to the ball game!

    1. ^he told me that he isn’t going anywhere out my life.
      i feel if i ever walked away from him,
      he may just stalk my ass lol

      whatever it is this “is”,
      i play my position correctly.

  8. Damn Jamari today you coming through. You got that lil tackhead bitch Liar Liar now you playing with work wolf head that’s smart, I bet he was in his lil feelings

    1. ^i’m tired of playing by the rules all the time.
      feelin sad like i do bad things or a bad person.
      i made a decision to try something new e.

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