i’ve been having fantasies that i never had before

I’m not even going to hold you but I’ve been angry too.

as i have been going deep inside with shadow work,
it has me revisiting past moments in my life.

instead of feeling depressed about them,
i’ve been feeling rightfully annoyed.
it has also made me rightfully horny too.
having fantasies in a way that i never have…

i was looking at a picture i took of work wolf and…

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so you wanna f*ck your co-worker? lets font about it…

as you know,
i have had my share of “males i wanted to fuck at work“.
the main work wolf saga brought many of you to my yard.
it’s no shocker that we may find some of our co-workers fine.
there is always a fine-ass co-worker OR the one that’s “cute by default“.
if we do end up smashin’ them,
we may end up fuckin’ up our money and mental health in the end.
so i did the foxhole a solid.
i made pros and cons about workplace fuckin’…

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“now i’m that futha-muckin n*gga and you’re blocked”

when i was dealing with the work wolf saga,
i kept a private journal of my feelings around the end of that situation.
i came across it in my files and read some of the entries in it.

I legit cringed.

the part when he refused to speak to me by stonewalling me,
the words i used about myself,
the actual praying he would speak to me again,
and the emotional begging i wrote in hopes we would reconnect again.
i remember how broken i was when i think back to that moment in my life.
the part of having to see him at work every day,
us not speaking,
and him legit using his own emotional warfare to purposely hurt my feelings.
was i innocent in how it crashed and burned?
probably not,
but i don’t think we were meant to be friends in the long run tbh.
i saw this post from chris brown on the shade room and i fully understood it…

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i don’t think i woulda been happy with all the males i had the most interest in.

My First
Giggles The Clown
Work Wolf
The Baller Wolf
WW3 (the last one)

all of these wolves had something in common.
they were all wolves i really wanted.
dated some,
stupid interested in others,
but they all had a common trait

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I Was Thinking About Work Wolf Today (Learning Lessons)

ya know,
i get really amazing emails from the foxhole.
i always get a lot of emails about the “work wolf saga”.
i can’t lie,
but the foxhole helped me get through that.
it was one of the toughest trials in my life.
i have been thinking about work wolf,
my past situations,
and all the lessons i learned from them and in-between.
i wanted to share a few with the foxhole…

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When He Pays You Dust In The Middle of The Street (WW)

the one thing we like to give,
but sometimes can’t handle it when it settles.
once you’re paying it to someone,
it can feel empowering af.

“yeah bih!
you did me wrong!
now i’m ignoring your triflin ass!
woop woop!”

once you’re paid it tho,
by someone you thought you connected with,
it can make you feel like pure shit.
there is no cheering on yourself for walking forward.

“i held my head up high after i was ignored!
pat me on the back!”

it might bring out the secret you may not be over them.
let the narcissists and sociopaths tell it…

“well whatever!
they wasn’t shit anyways!”

i might be a different breed.
so today,
i was running a little late for work.
as i was walking towards my office,
i see a “familiar” face looking at his phone across the street…
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