so you wanna f*ck your co-worker? lets font about it…

as you know,
i have had my share of “males i wanted to fuck at work“.
the main work wolf saga brought many of you to my yard.
it’s no shocker that we may find some of our co-workers fine.
there is always a fine-ass co-worker OR the one that’s “cute by default“.
if we do end up smashin’ them,
we may end up fuckin’ up our money and mental health in the end.
so i did the foxhole a solid.
i made pros and cons about workplace fuckin’…

here is the one pro we forget to realize:

It can get messy.

many of us jump head first (literally) into the laps of satan’s demons.
how many of us have been around a male at work,
you thought he was cute,
but then he started doing things to show his interest?
or what you assume was interest?

the chase is fun but God forbid it ends bad,
we still gotta work with this asshole for 8 (or more) hours a day.
now the sex has been cut and you see him flirting with someone else.
he might be trying to fuck your reputation with other co-workers.
the worst is when they are playing mental warfare to get you to quit.
some shit is hard to ignore and you will get in your feelings.

I’ve been there with that and it’s not fun at all.

i added more for the after-hours crowd.
i shared some personal stories of some real experiences.
click the picture and cum on in…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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