kelis milkshake brought beyonce to her yard and gave no credit where it was due?

i think people need to put themselves in other people’s shoes.
in this case,
after doing a deep dive into this latest drama:

I can see where Kelis is coming from on her argument with Beyonce.

…but i believe beyonce might not have much to do with it either.
so let’s rewind on what’s happening with why i agree with kelis…

Beyonce releases a new album called Renaissance
One of the songs on the album is called “Energy”
Energy allegedly has a sample of “Get Along with You” from Kelis
Internet is stupid because it’s actually Kelis’s voice from “Milkshake”


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Kelis got no credit for the use of her vocals on the track

Kelis speaks out about it and the Hive drags her


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Jamari Fox is confused about why the Hive is confused

is it me or is bey always in some “stolen/not credited” song drama?
i don’t know much about publishing and song credits,
but kelis has every right to be upset if she wasn’t credited.
it’s her vocals that are being used as the background on the song.
i will font that it’s a reach for bey to reach out to kelis.

This sounds like a Neptunes vs Kelis situation.

…but bey did reach out to the singer that break my soul was sampled from.
the hive is dragging kelis but:

I’m sure many of them would flip their shit if their coworker got credited and a raise for doing their work.

lets not act like that wouldn’t be annoying.
when i read “kelis should shut up because bey sells more“,
i thought that was an ignorant thing to say too.
our co-workers get paid more and some of them get credited off our backs.
is that okay????

so because bey sells more,
kelis should shut up and take it?
does the hive reallllllly want to argue about sales?

Taylor Swift,
and in some cases even Rihanna sell more than Beyonce.

i like b and all but i’m able to still be objective.
they shouldn’t stamp that ticket for that trip down that rabbit hole.

i did read she has can’t get paid since the neptunes own her publishing,
but credit for her work would have been nice.
let’s not act like milkshake wasn’t a hit out here:


i feel like kelis should have her lawyers deal with this mess.
for a kelis to go against powerhouses that is the neptunes and bey,

i guess the attention to the issue might be better.

lowkey: you gotta be built ford tough for the music business.

lowkey 2: its weird the hive will go at kelis,
but saucy santana was crazy disrespectful and got a pass.
he used the crazy in love beat,
performed in houston,
that was that.

23 thoughts on “kelis milkshake brought beyonce to her yard and gave no credit where it was due?

  1. Yeah this is an issue of 2: ethics & morals and bad business deals. Beyoncé is apart of the former and Kelis just wished she would have used all that female empowerment she’s been singing about for decades and gave her a courtesy call. Kelis is super mad at the Neptunes and wants what is legally owed to her for the work she put out that she claims was stolen from her.

    Kelis said what she said and that’s that on that! I hope she get her reparations and when she coming with a new album. I’m ready Kelis!

  2. I blame Beyoncé’s Management. ( or whoever is in charge of releasing her music)

    Now Beyonce has the option of reaching out personally to these artist or…. ( wait for it)…..( here it comes)….


    1. @BlackIsBeautiful: “And the crowd begins to roar”. Exactly!!!! Cut out the CHANCE for the problem…

  3. You’re conflating ethics with legality

    Kelis is mad at Pharrell and Beyoncé is caught in the crossfire because she’s the artist using her music . Period . Legal or not she’s entitled to her feelings

    1. @TeaTimeTips: This is exactly it. Not sure why peoplr are getting in their feelings over Mrs. Carter. If I remember the video, Kelis even said Beyonce wasn’t REALLY the issue. But of course she IS going to be the lightning rod for attention to the larger issue.

  4. Here is an insight on the music industry. Beyoncé went thru the proper channels. Just because you sing the song doesn’t make it yours. Chris is absolutely right. There is no theft process. Legally if you sample a song without permission, you lose all rights to the song and all royalties to it as well. No artist is willing to risk that type lawsuit. If anything Pharrell has had issues with copyright issues. Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines was produced by Pharrell as well. Pharrell said he made the beat up, which he probably did but a court decided it was a sample of Marvin Gaye’s Got To Give It Up. Robin Thicke no longer owns royalties for Blurred Lines. Beyoncé covered every legal person on her albums. Kelis issue is with Pharrell. Beyoncé doesn’t have to ask Kelis permission to do anything. The person who wrote the song was asked and got paid for it. When Pharrell gave his permission for the sample, including Kelis voice, Kelis should take lessons from Beyoncé and copyright her voice. Kelis issue is a management issue and producer issue. Beyoncé owns her voice so you can’t sample her voice even if you sample the beat. Her voice is her intellectual property. There is nothing Beyoncé did wrong. Kelis can’t take it to court even if she wanted to because she is not the owner of the rights to the song. Kelis gets paid for her song, not the samples. Pharrell owns the sample rights

  5. Kelis voice is in that song it’s not a played instrumental she’s literally using her voice saying La La La La La it’s just mixed with many other sounds so it’s buried

    Kelis is mad because Beyoncé claims to be pro black woman and she has to know or have industry insiders who know Kelis has publicly been battling with Pharrell over her music

    It’s like when Anita baker said please don’t play work until I get my masters we all obliged

    So why go over her head and ask Pharrell to clear a sample she’s singing on when you’ve been around her many times. She was married to nas for years they partied together when nas was on def Jam

    1. Kelis doesn’t own the song, Pharrell does. Kelis only owns her song, Pharrell owns all sample rights including Kelis singing on his beat. Beyoncé owns her voice. This is why you don’t hear artists using her vocals on their songs unless she is actually on the track. Beyoncé was smart to copyright her voice so she gets paid when her voice is being used in her songs. Most artists don’t read contracts, that let lawyers do it and make deals based on what the lawyer says. If Kelis wins a lawsuit against Pharrell for her music being sold, then Pharrell loses all royalties to the song and it transfers over to Kelis, regardless who uses it. If you have a distinct voice, you can copyright your voice as your intellectual property. Meaning if your voice is on anything without your permission, you can get paid for it.

    2. Please stop. That is not Kelis voice. The sample is in the beat. Not the vocals.

  6. The song was originally intended for Britney Spears?! GIRL. This is the hill you want to die on? sang it. You didn’t write it and someone stole it like how J Lo did to Mariah and Ashanti.

    Chhh, this must be grief from losing her husband. I’ll give her grace.

  7. So, I looked into it and Beyonce used an “interpolation”. Meaning she didn’t use the original Milkshake recording and recreated it in the studio.

    Kelis is mad over a song she didn’t write as if she doesn’t know how the music industry works.

    If she’s so mad about it, why didn’t she re-record her own version of Milkshake, like how JoJo and Taylor Swift did for music they didn’t own?

  8. Good lord that is not Kelis on Beyonces song lol
    Take a minute and think; why would Beyoncè need to sample Kelis singing when Beyoncè could just…sing it herself?
    Those LaLa’s aren’t even the same but close enough I guess where Beyoncè wanted to cover herself so she gave credit where legally required to do.
    At any rate Pharrell and Chad who wrote/produce/own the song legally are the only ones who grant approval for sampling Milkshake. Whatever business deal Kelis had with the Neptune’s is beyond Beyoncè and she is not Kelis lawyer nor is she her savior.
    The song contains elements from Milkshake performed by Kelis. That is not a credit. That is citing the source and that is what Beyoncè did. If anybody is confused it’s Kelis, her milkshakes and the anti-Beyoncé’s of the world. Beyoncè and the Beyhive are good. We’re enjoying the album and waiting on the visuals and a performance hopefully soon.
    The people in Kelis corner need to go buy the album she apparently released last year (nobody cared), go buy her cookbook (nobody cared), or go visit her farm (if she lets you in).

    Lastly nobody needed to call Kelis for a damn thing. Not even this mythical courtesy call everyone suddenly feels like happens. It doesn’t happen. That’s not how it works.

    1. People and that includes Jamari, need to understand the difference between a sample and interpolation. How do you write on the music business but don’t know what you are talking about? Pharrell, the Neptunes, and the record label owns Kelis publishing. Did Normani have to give Aaliyah and Timberland credit for a recreated beat? You sound silly talking about Kelis should have let her lawyers talk, don’t you think Beyonces and Roc Nations lawyers would have gotten the clearance?

  9. beyonce also included a sample on “Crazy in love” so saucy probably cleared it with the original makers of the track. beyonce is wrong…regardless of where credit is given, if you know you want to use someone else’s voice, just let them know…periodt! don’t care if she gave Kelis 200 million….it’s the principle. gag is, milkshake is still a better song, lol

    1. For me, its the fact that Beyoncé is always in some theft/plagiarism drama. The fact that this keeps happening tells me that this is something she needs to address professionally. Something is amiss and the folks who call themselves #Beyhive (not to be confused with objective Beyoncé fans) are due to realize that Mrs. Carter is fallible…and “Milkshake” IS superior to a lot of Beyoncé catalog, LOL.

      1. Y’all are so weird with the comparisons. There is no comparing Beyonce and Kelis.

        I’ve seen Kelis live. She is…….somebody you listen to when you’re high or feeling rageful. She’s the Black alternative girl. She walked so Rihanna could run.

        Kelis has a raspy unique voice and is more of a “sit on the stool” and have the audience help her out with kitstchy, interesting sets.

        Beyonce is a clear voice with strict training and is a lights, camera action performer.

        Milkshake…is not exactly vocally challenging or super groundbreaking. It’s catchy and fun. Out of all of Kelis’ catalog, you chose Milkshake to try and shade Beyonce?

        That’s like comparing Erykah Badu to Yolanda Adams.

        What was the reason????

  10. Kelis didn’t write or produce milkshake. Legally all u have to do is go thru the publishing company to get clearance from the songwriters and producers. Robin S didn’t write or produce “Show me Love” that was sampled for “Break my Soul” and she didn’t get call. She found out from her son the day the song was released and has since said that she is getting more business calls than ever. If you didn’t write or produce the song u have no ownership. I love Kelis but her issue is with Pharrell and Chad. 🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Bey is ALWAYS in some controversy with SAMPLES .I mean ALWAYS. She’s ALWAYS in some controversy with Dance Moves as well. I mean ALWAYS. AND the HIVE is just a bunch of headless and dumb WORKER BEEES buzzing around the hive protecting their embattled QUEEN. Frankly I need to reach out for my Baygon spray.

      2. She sent her flowers AFTER the song came out and Robin showed appreciation. Ellis would’ve gotten them too if she didn’t presumptuously show her ass! Now sis can’t get a carnation!

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