will smith makes a apology video

i’m learning this concept in my therapy called “forgiveness“.
people hurt me and i wanted all the smoke.
what does it serve me tho?
to be bitter?
not forgiving people who hurt me did more harm tbh.
i learned how freeing forgiving someone is.
will smith,
after months of being quiet,
has addressed the slap he gave chris rock at the oscars.
this is the video…


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i love what pose had to say about it:

i have no dog in this fight because he didn’t slap me but:

I forgive you,
Will Smith

i mean,
what else do we want from him?
to hang himself off the hollywood sign?
chris is very well in his right not to speak to him.
just because you apologize doesn’t mean the person will accept it.
as long as YOU take accountability,
it’s out of your hands after that.
i know “apologizing” can be a foreign concept for some folks.
they hurt you and continue their life mission to hurt others.

If I have hurt anyone during my journey in life,
I’d like to personally apologize to them.

…and as my life moves on without acknowledgment of that apology,
the same applies to will with chris as well.

12 thoughts on “will smith makes a apology video

  1. Will Smith dropped this video when the world is talking about Beyoncé. Hollyweird is a trip I tell ya!

  2. I can appreciate the apology he’s definitely a better man than me because I wouldn’t apologize for shit Chris Rock deserved that slap to the face you don’t insult someone trying to joke about a deadly illness on international television especially a man’s wife smdh.

    Chris can kick Rocks

  3. This looks like Will is on this public acceptance tour to get fans to start watching his movies. He just signed a deal for $35 million for one movie since that incident happened. Hollywood did not cancel him. The joke was insensitive and for someone who is “best friends with”, should know the reason she looks like GI Jane 2022. He didn’t deserve the slap but how many other times did he publicly bash Jada. Didn’t he tell her the Oscars before this one for Jada to sit down and shut up about boycotting the Oscars.

    1. These people that live a horrible life and yet they preach platitudes and they live a life full of false impressions. And there are people that put them on this pedestal as if they are a paragon of virtue. And deep down when all is said and done Will, like the Kardashians and the rest of these hypocrites and Sodomites from Hollywood all do the same thing we all do when we wake up in the morning- take a Number 2.

      So the moral of my story and rant is. fuck Will Smith and all that he represents. Fuck him and his Sodomites compatriots whose lives are worst than a homeless man as that man has nothing false about him and nothing to hide. The world has moved on, Chris has moved on WITHOUT Will Fucking Smith.

  4. This apology is a little too late for public apologies. That should have happened immediately if he felt like that. You can always take the time to reflect on what you did after the apology. The fact he waited this late after it died down says nothing. He should have let it go and waited on Chris time. Then release the apology like, I made an apology to Chris prior to this and I didn’t want it to go public to show how sincere I really am.

  5. I don’t care.

    He has enough money to never work in acting again.

    If I were him, I’d have STAYED OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT and have paparazzi see me going to Anger Management or something and maybe in 5 years, make a donation to an arts program, go behind the scenes, produce, just…be quiet.

    It’s too soon and nobody was thinking about this.

    Meanwhile Jamari, I’ve been curious about getting Will Smithed but this monkeypox, I will just have to stay out of the jungle Beyonce referenced in Move. I wish Grace Jones did more music. Last I remember was a song with Dirty Money.

    1. I ❤️ Grace Jones. La Vie En Rose, Pull Up To The Bumper, Private Lives, U Need A Man were bangers.
      Will S. could go to Europe and be mysterious and alluring, develop a mystique. American artists do not have that level of fortitude or endurance to relax from the spotlight. It is a culture of media whores and attention vultures.
      I just finished Tina Turner’s latest biography. I so get why she gave up living here. Art is eternal, entertainment is so temporary. You are as hot as your last hit. Europeans appreciate and absorb what is offered.
      Grace J is so underrated.
      The Jean Paul Goude collaborations are just infinitely fresh, avant garde and still cutting edge. 🌹

      1. Yes, many R&B artists have been able to do what they love by touring in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

        The irony is seeing Pop that sounds just like 90s and early 2000s R&B repackaged as Kpop or Acoustic.

        Anygay, European crowds seem so full of life compared to American ones. I don’t know where I’ll end up, but I am definitely leaving America.

        I’ll have to check out Tina’s book.

      1. In another post, I shared how this church cult treated me, and that on occasion, the gravity, depravity and disbelief will wash freshly over me. It still stuns me how people, not God, will treat you, disown, disenfranchise and cast you out. Then turn around and engage in the very thing/things you were sent to the guillotine for. They haven’t acknowledged me to this day or owned the responsibility they bear for me being homeless and sleeping under a bridge in cold San Francisco. I have hug that young person, which was me, and tell him
        “You are fine, you made it through and are better for it”.
        Forgiveness is my gift to self. I had to move on.
        We can remain locked in a time capsule with the keys to freedom in our hands and not use it

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