will smith makes a apology video

i’m learning this concept in my therapy called “forgiveness“.
people hurt me and i wanted all the smoke.
what does it serve me tho?
to be bitter?
not forgiving people who hurt me did more harm tbh.
i learned how freeing forgiving someone is.
will smith,
after months of being quiet,
has addressed the slap he gave chris rock at the oscars.
this is the video…

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vivica a fox and kenya moore have a moment on cocktails with queens today

“There are people who are scared to speak to you again.
They know they treated you bad,
but you def have glo’d up and doing your thing now.
That can be intimidating to people.”The Pretty Vixen

it’s similar to when we have an ex/ex-friend we know we fucked up with.
we see them looking good after us,
living their best life,
and we want to contact but we are scared too.
it’s the same with past friends/people who did us wrong.
kenya moore and vivica a. fox had beef after “the apprentice” in 2015.
you’d think they would never speak again.
kenya went on vivica’s show,
cocktails with queens“,
and this is how it went down today…

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when you go to therapy,
you start to close doors from people who left them open.
the ones who you hoped would walk back inside.
some of us carry a lot of burdens from folks in our pasts.
it shows in how some of us treat people now.
i was having a conversation with a friend yesterday about forgiveness.
there are some mutuals we know that i’m not speaking to.
it was a whole thing and i saw how sides were chosen in the end.
i knew these folks for 7 years and realized i didn’t know them at all.
he urged me to reach out and try to start the conversation with them.

that is all well and good but like i told him and ima font ya’ll…


i fell in love with my shooter and now he shoots in me every night?

in some cases,
some rape victims can fall in love with their rapists.
in some cases,
some people fall in lust with dangerous hyenas who commit crimes.
that is a lot of unpacking to do with the help of therapy tbh.
you’ll be surprised by the amount of damage we are carrying from youth.
an f-bi sent me the following tweet and asked me:

Would you?

and well…

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are we forgiving nicole murphy?

 a couple months ago,
nicole murphy starred as “the villain”.
as you know,
or didn’t,
she was caught smooching on lela rochon’s husband,
antione fuqua.
( x see it here )
after that situation,
she was pretty much banished.
she went on wendy to explain her side of the story today.
this is how that went…

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The Foxhole’s Help on “Forgiveness”

issue_45_a_wie_oprah_hoprah is,
my spiritual auntie.
i would love to meet her one day.
i go to her when i need some kind of spiritual enlightenment.
well i saw this video on “forgiveness”,
but i didn’t understand it.
i was hoping the foxhole could help me…
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