are we forgiving nicole murphy?

 a couple months ago,
nicole murphy starred as “the villain”.
as you know,
or didn’t,
she was caught smooching on lela rochon’s husband,
antione fuqua.
( x see it here )
after that situation,
she was pretty much banished.
she went on wendy to explain her side of the story today.
this is how that went…

i’m over it and i’ll remove her banishment.
we don’t know anyone of these folks to hold personal grudges.
she said she was sorry and apologized to lela.

What more do folks want from her?

this is the issue i have with cancel culture.
it doesn’t allow folks to make mistakes and learn from them.
if i got canceled for shit i did,
i would never have grown into the fox i am today.
my dumb ass mistakes is what helped me get to this point.
as well.
humans are not born to be perfect.
life is suffering,
but it’s learning how we fucked up that helps grow.
if you can take accountability for what you did,
i will forgive without forgetting.
if you continue to make the same mistakes tho:

unless you’ve murdered,
shown consistent racism and homophobia,
maybe even be a rabid trump supporter,
i won’t cancel over other little shit.
i will judge tho.
the foxhole wouldn’t be the foxhole without giving judgment.
that being fonted:

Lela has to decide if she wants to forgive Nicole Murphy

i’m not in that circle nor is that my husband.

lowkey: is antoine getting the same hate as nicole?
he seems to be going through this unscathed.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “are we forgiving nicole murphy?”

      1. Nicole gave statements directly to B. Scott and TMZ and is now backtracking saying they were “rumors”. Nicole is Z-List or a “Who?” in Mainstream America so TMZ isn’t dragging her, but B. Scott covers Black gossip so B came with the receipts. As far as being genuine….that wasn’t genuine. It was very, “You guys! Play along with my too late apology.”

        Why doesn’t she get into acting? She’d be a perfect Cruella.

        1. ^that man had an alleged whole baby on lela.
          at some point,
          you gotta say my husband is an asshole and keep moving.
          nicole is wrong,
          but ima need more dragging of antoine too.

  1. B Scott is still around? I haven’t heard that name or seen him in years. No shade just intrigued.

    Anyways that outfit is bomb. She’s a bad bitch but that ain’t my situation so I don’t care. I need Lela to get that body right and make a comeback. This story is the only thing I’ve heard about her since Waiting to Exhale and that’s a shame.

    I rather cancel Wendy and her bullshit since she loves to defame and slander black folk without fact checking or an ounce of dignity.

    1. Lela has an Autoimmune situation which is why she looks the way she looks so please stop saying she needs to get it together because it ain’t that simple. As for Nicole going on Wendy was a bad move!! She basically went on there to promote some beauty bullshit that people aren’t gonna buy anyway and in the process showed us how insincere she really is! She said “people make mistakes” what exactly was the mistake?!? You mistakenly kissed (& probably slept with) a married man and got caught. That’s not a mistake, that shit is on purpose. What she is sorry about is that they got caught and everybody’s calling her a home-wrecking whore. She should have stayed quiet like that ASSHOLE that Lela is married to!! You can tell he gave no fucks and he is one that’s married! Most people had in all honesty forgotten about this and now it’s all new again with additional information. She need to learn to shut her mouth about situations like this and let it blow over. I like the way Wendy let her put the nails in her own ⚰ tho!

  2. I don’t normally click on these Wendy entries but I was intrigued about Nicole. This is the first time I’ve seen her speak in a sit down interview. She’s a jazzy chic. And If I were a female whore who slept with rich ballers I’d be Nicole Murphy 🙂

  3. I think Nicole has a bad reputation in black hollywood already, this incident is just the only one that was public. Remember she was married to Eddie Murphy so she’s rubbed shoulders with all the top black actresses and actors. They don’t fuck with her for a reason. lol

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