someone remind antoine fuqua he’s married to lela rochon. thanks.

lela rochon and antoine fuqua.
happier times?
i’ve come to realize something over the years.


straight ones.
gays ones.
maybe gay” ones.
there is a male you want so bad,
but at this very moment,
he’s probably fuckin’ up someone’s life heavy.
it’s not even about being bitter either.
it’s the harsh reality of life.
being single,
and just keeping a rotation tends to be way better.
if getting in a successful relationship was easy,
we’d all have rings and barefoot/pregnant surrogates right now.
lela has been with antoine for 20+ years.
remind antoine because he was allegedly busted over in italy with

nicole murphy,
the ex of eddie murphy and michael strahan.
as soon as the pictures broke,
lela shut down her entire instagram.
first clue.
there were always whispers that antoine allegedly cheats on lela tho.
i always wonder if this was “stress weight” lela picked up over the years:


has she even acted since she married him?
i know she had a gang of his cubs,
but it makes no sense.

robin” was always my favorite in “waiting to exhale” too.

as foxholers,
we don’t deal with the same drama as the straights.
now that gays want to get married,
we have opened the door to messy divorces.
it’s not a shock that some males can have you out here looking crazy.
it might be a different kind of crazy,
but it’s all the same shit going into a different toilet.

i know a fox who finally left his jackal after years of abuse.
the jackal was fine af until he got hooked on the alcohol and coke.
sex was amazing and he thought he could change him.
after all those wasted years of being cheated on,
and surprise cubs,
was for nothing.
i’ll be damned.

just because we like the same sex,
that doesn’t mean we aren’t immune to getting our lives fucked up.

Be careful with who you give your heart to

folks like to claim it’s the “fine ones” who are the worst.
that may be true,
but don’t sleep on the “average” and “ugly” ones.
the ones you “gave a chance to“.

they tend to be the worst of them all.

lowkey: check what lisa raye posted on “the shade room”…

i think nicole is a bad one,
but she is dead wrong for this .

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “someone remind antoine fuqua he’s married to lela rochon. thanks.”

  1. This looks so staged by them cause to me I think they knew those cameras were there. I could be wrong though.

  2. Man our community is not quite the devoted angels. I know a slew of guys in relationships who would cheat on their hubby because they ain’t getting satisfied at home. Mrs. Murphy looks like the man stealer she is. I feel sorry for Lela and I get her confused with Jackee harry

  3. According to The Jasmine Brand it was just a friendly kiss( or two) between family friends.Totally innocent 😒

      1. I just read at that Lela and Antoine were together at their son’s basketball game a few weeks ago.She was wearing her wedding ring and they seemed fine.I also have read that Lela has Lupus ,IDK if that’s true.I know the meds(steroids can cause weight gain)

  4. Oh my heart breaks for Lela Rochon and the fucked up part of it all is they didn’t even have the decency to keep it on the low how embarrassing and downright disrespectful as in the words of Wendy Williams how “you get em’ is how you keep ’em” and ain’t no right is going to come to Antoine and Nicole until they do right by Lela.

  5. Well He had a baby on Lela in 2003 with a model so he been a fuckboy, but my messy ass followed her as soon as the story broke b4 she went ghost and the last she posted him was in February so it looks as if they may have been separated but still Nicole just gives me thot vibes!

    & am I the only one interested in what’s behind that blue towel 🤔

    1. ^i read he got some chick arrested for stalking him,
      but he was legit fuckin her on the low

      dude needs to be single and let his inner slut paint the town red

  6. Whew Nicole, I thought just a little better of you than this. A 50year old Thot is not a good look for a women with as many kids as she has. This is just downright TACKY! Even though word on the street is Mr. Fuqua been a Fuck Boy for many years, but this is beyond low down and dirty especially in this social media age we live in now. This is when you say ” There aint no shame in their game” They have put their business all on front street.

    Granted Lela must be going through a deep depression to let herself go like this in Hollywood. The pressure to stay thin and beautiful is a given in that place. Being brutally honest, you cant expect that a place with beautiful women at every turn and a man who is one of the most powerful men in Hollywood with the ability to put said beautiful women in pictures is not going to partake in taking a drink out of the Ho Fountain. I mean its been rumored for years that he gets around and has a stable of women. Maybe they are staying together in name only for the sake of the kids, honestly I am really surprised he has stayed this long, it is probably cheaper to keep her. Sadly Hollywood is unforgiving to women who gain weight, this place is about image, no matter how big your heart is and how good you are, if you do not look the part you are mostly forgotten.

  7. Come on you guys. He is still hot and she is as big as a house. Nobody wants to be with a fat pig especially if they are still keeping their body together. Be glad he didn’t divorce her. She’ll be taken care of.

  8. I need Lela to get her revenge body on and get it together. She is too beautiful to be out here looking like that. Nicole just be jumping from dick to dick, I see why Strahan left her. She is a gold digger for sure. This man is a legendary black director and it pains me to say this but I hope karma swiftly dogs his ass out. Lela get all the coins girl! Shameful.

  9. Why we have to start this by talking about some males ain’t shit, when it’s clear Nicole an active thot with her aint shit self? I’m tired of this guys aint shit stuff when women are doing dirty shit and even worse shit. Some PEOPLE aint shit.

  10. “i always wonder if this was “stress weight” lela picked up over the years”

    “Stress weight”??? More like “I got married and now I can let myself go” weight. No disrespect to her but a lot of women let themselves go once they achieve their goal of getting married.

    1. Or maybe she gained weight after developing an autoimmune disease that requires medications like steroids? Maybe she gained weight due to depression.Who knows?

      Lela was not fat in 2002/2003 when he impregnated another woman.Just like Halle Berry and Beyonce were not fat when they were cheated on.So stop blaming a wife’s appearance when her husband lacks the self restraint or morals/values to keep his tongue in his mouth or his dick in his pants.

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