are we forgiving nicole murphy?

 a couple months ago,
nicole murphy starred as “the villain”.
as you know,
or didn’t,
she was caught smooching on lela rochon’s husband,
antione fuqua.
( x see it here )
after that situation,
she was pretty much banished.
she went on wendy to explain her side of the story today.
this is how that went…

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ya’ll dragged nicole murphy into an apology

i thought it was a “friendly” kiss?
that’s what they said.
ya know,
nicole murphy is gorgeous.
in person,
she is stunning.
who knew she had some alleged thot-like behavior deep inside her?
well she released a statement because ya’ll been dragging her.
this is what she had to say via “tmz“…

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someone remind antoine fuqua he’s married to lela rochon. thanks.

lela rochon and antoine fuqua.
happier times?
i’ve come to realize something over the years.


straight ones.
gays ones.
maybe gay” ones.
there is a male you want so bad,
but at this very moment,
he’s probably fuckin’ up someone’s life heavy.
it’s not even about being bitter either.
it’s the harsh reality of life.
being single,
and just keeping a rotation tends to be way better.
if getting in a successful relationship was easy,
we’d all have rings and barefoot/pregnant surrogates right now.
lela has been with antoine for 20+ years.
remind antoine because he was allegedly busted over in italy with
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Nicole Murphy Was Creeping With An Old Jimmy?

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.55.12 PMit appears that nicole murphy has some ‘splaining to do.
so as you know,
michael strahan and her ( x ended that 5 year engagement ) recently.
people tend to point fingers at the wolf when a “ship” comes to end.
she did accusing him of cheating.
well it seems that nicole has some secrets of her own.
an f-bi just updated me with her alleged secret…
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So Long and Thanks For The Ring Michael Strahan

BFA_6696_778160_Michasel-Strahan_Nicole-Murphy-690x4901aaaah break ups.
something no one wants to go through.
the changing numbers,
throwing out souvenirs,
and giving back the ring.
how many carats was the ring?

you should keep that…
well an f-bi alerted me that michael strahan and nicole murphy are no more…
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