Nicole Murphy Was Creeping With An Old Jimmy?

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.55.12 PMit appears that nicole murphy has some ‘splaining to do.
so as you know,
michael strahan and her ( x ended that 5 year engagement ) recently.
people tend to point fingers at the wolf when a “ship” comes to end.
she did accusing him of cheating.
well it seems that nicole has some secrets of her own.
an f-bi just updated me with her alleged secret…

Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Lakers

Nicole Murphy had a secret romantic fling in the Caribbean with former NBA star Jim Jackson in early July — the exact same time she says she suspected Michael Strahan of cheating on her.

TMZ has obtained photos of Nicole and Jim at the Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton in Puerto Rico, where they stayed from July 7 through July 10.

You see them in a cabana on the beach … and they got very snuggly.  People at the hotel tell us they were hugging, kissing … definitely affectionate.

Sources close to the exes tell us … Nicole had gone to P.R. with some girlfriends, and just happened to run into Jim — an old friend — and even though they “hung out” … it was nothing serious.We’re told Michael knew Nicole was taking the trip with her GFs, but was not aware anything went on with Jackson. We’re told Nicole now says she and Michael were “on a break” when she hooked up with Jackson — but she did not feel the relationship was over.Still … it’s interesting … she’s accusing Michael of cheating but she was clearly playing the field.

don’t i not blame her?
jim jackson is what you call,
“vintage wolf penis”.
that older pipe that still looks good enough to ride into the sunset!
am i wrong?
i remember i use to crush on him heavy.
you see all this:
if i had a vagina,
he would be all up in it.

is it me or does he kinda favor like david from “haves and have nots”?
well an f-bi and tmz had more “evidence” of them being together:

tumblr_luxpvd6bYx1qb98jbo3_250well see you nicole.
you ain’t even low with this one.
that is a nice piece tho.
well done if true!

lowkey: while micheal was in ny,
jimmy might have been in her in la.
all alleged talk tho.
i hope jimmy appears on that reality show of hers next season.
i’ll watch.

article found: tmz

8 thoughts on “Nicole Murphy Was Creeping With An Old Jimmy?

  1. Yasssssssss 10s across the board for Mr. PutOnThatJimmy SoIcanRideIt Jackson!!!!! #HaveMercy

  2. Man I used to crush on this kat back in the day! He was most definitely one of the NBA’s phynest players EVER! LOL
    That being sadi…have you seen the next generation, his son?!! That boy is hella phyne too! LOL

  3. I love black daddies. Especially when they let their gray hair show. Turns me on.

    Might be because I have daddy issues tho. 🙁

  4. She might be looking for a new *cough* beard *cough* I mean boyfriend. You would think that she or anyone would sit there hot ass down somewhere but you can’t do that in that, which is sad. They are both gorgeous though.

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