Nicki Minaj Pulls Out The Big Gunz For “Anaconda”

tumblr_n9tcu5RTYG1r2fkj9o1_500…or big bunz?
is her ass really moving like that?
it doesn’t move in other videos.
when the going gets tough,
the tough get to booty bouncin’.
so nicki minaj has that wack song,
to promote.
what better way than a music video filled with distractions?!
nothing says “ignore my terrible song” by hypnotizing us with booty booty butt cheeks.
here is a sneak peek from wshh

well she had to do something.
i’m surprised she wasn’t all the way naked with a snake wrapped around her.
speaking of nicki,
lil’ kim decided to hop on the “flawless remix”
(starts @ 3:07)

stop this.
stop this right now.
why did kim sound like she made that flow high off anesthesia?
did she record that on her iphone fresh of a refill of wax and plastic?
i’m so confused.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Pulls Out The Big Gunz For “Anaconda””

  1. Her booty is like a water bed. I would love to use her booty as a pillow.

    Ugh, that Sir Mix A Lot sample is gonna really get on my nerves. Just from that few seconds, my head felt like my little cousin was nagging me for some candy.

    Lil Kim sounds like she was in it for publicity. That didn’t sound like she was spitting sincerely. I think she was like “Let me hop on this so I can get my name in people’s mouth.”

  2. That gif of Nicki is hilarious to me lol. Maybe because of how big her ass is and how little her legs are. Smh @ Lil’ Kim. Everybody was already over that whole beef and you spark it right back up. Female rappers can never get along 🙁

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