we all to grow tf up.
when age catches up with you so does wisdom.
we won’t be making onlyfans and beefing on social media forever.
there comes a time we gotta mature and become adults.
when i saw lil kim trending on twitter,
i had to wonder what was going on.
when i saw nicki minaj mention her in an interview with joe budden:

“Uh oh”

i’m very impressed with nicki today cause this is what she said…


lil’ kim gets an old paint job for her new look

i looooooooooovveeeee ^this picture of her.
lil’ kim
is one of my favorite female rappers.

I’ve fonted that many times before.
you know she is a july cancer too.
she comes off like she has a kind and loving spirit.
like many cancers,
that often leads to the wrong company trying to destroy your life.
I’ll admit I haven’t been keeping up with her as of late.
last I saw her,
it felt like it was no secret that she has body dysmorphic disorder:

I dunno who has been doing her makeup as of late,
but this is how she is looking for this year’s fashion week…

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lil kim is going to relive 90s fantasies by becoming a sex worker?

when you think of it,
this poster for lil kim’s “hardcore” was the 90s “wap” controversy.
lil kim taught me about sex at such a young age.
i didn’t even know folks was putting dicks in their mouths until her iconic line:

“I use to be scared of the dick,
now I throws lips to shit,
handle it like a real bitch…”

kim came a long way and fell tf off.
everything she has released since “put your lighters up” has been mid or pure bunk.
well she is deciding to try a new venture with her husband,
mr. papers
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lil’ kim is still mad at naturi naughton

imagine still being bitter about a movie that came out close to 10 years ago?
that would be lil’ kim and the movie would be “notorious“.
sidebar: i was on the set of that film.
i don’t ever want to film another concert scene again.
she went on “hollywood unlocked” and pretty much slammed naturi naughton for playing her.
as much as i love her,
this isn’t her finest hour…

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should “9” be the last effort from lil’ kim?

hardcore” from lil’ kim.
i cannot “not” font highly of this album.
it defined my young fox life.
i think it was one of those “when i realized i was gay” type of situations.
i didn’t understand a lot of what she was saying,
but when i grew up and got experience in this forest,
it all made so much sense to me.
i was stan of her work after that.
she had the most iconic verses in the game.
so kim is back with her latest album “9” and foxhole…

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There New “You” Is Better Than The Old “You”

imagine you’re working in your career.
you could be doing it now.
king kong don’t have nothing on you.
you been doing it like 10-15 years now.
even better since you’re black.
you know they don’t like “us” to shine out here.
they are trying to replace you with someone else.
it starts slow,
but then it gets more blatant.
the slander starts that you ain’t good at what you do at all.

“anyone could do what they do.
that’s nothing.”

folks you thought was down with you are picking a new team.
“the new you”.
  don’t act like you wouldn’t feel some kind of way

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