lil’ kim gets an old paint job for her new look

i looooooooooovveeeee ^this picture of her.
lil’ kim
is one of my favorite female rappers.

I’ve fonted that many times before.
you know she is a july cancer too.
she comes off like she has a kind and loving spirit.
like many cancers,
that often leads to the wrong company trying to destroy your life.
I’ll admit I haven’t been keeping up with her as of late.
last I saw her,
it felt like it was no secret that she has body dysmorphic disorder:

I dunno who has been doing her makeup as of late,
but this is how she is looking for this year’s fashion week…


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I had to wonder if i was dreaming.
here is another:


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I’m clearly in another dimension.
she looks so much better with her war paint.
( x @kole_mua ),
who did her makeup for the fashion week event,
should be on payroll full time.
she always comes off like she has a dope personality tho:


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i hope she learns to understand how beautiful she is without all the extra.

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7 thoughts on “lil’ kim gets an old paint job for her new look”

  1. Kim has released some wack music lately, but the Nastiest One Remix???

    There is NO reason that shouldn’t have gone to #1 during summer. Just vibes from all over the diaspora.

  2. Kim has two loves like Josephine Baker. She looks well with white skin. She paid for it so it’s her option. I wonder is there someplace she could go where she isn’t recognized and could really live as a white woman with a brown baby,,?

    1. The thing is she uses loads of filters and makeup. If you see her on a regular day without makeup, she has brown skin like the first pic of her NYFW look.

      She just looks like a brown woman with a very touched up (surgery) face. Her hands always are several shades darker than her face in photos, which is telling. Hell even in videos. Kim requests for lighter makeup to make herself look more racially ambiguous but it always looks ridiculous in the end because her makeup never matches her actual skin tone, and it shows from the neck down. Look at the contrast of her skin tone between her hands and face in the photo where she is wearing the black dress..

      I just hope that she finds peace and solace within herself.. She’s chopped up her nose into oblivion beyond repair.. I’m not against cosmetic surgery (we all have something we aren’t the happiest about) but then there’s doing it so overboard to the point where it looks bad on you. And thats the case with Kim.

      Had she just had one unnoticeable nose job like Kelly Rowland or Halle Berry then it would be cool. But this is what happens when you are never pleased and just chase perfection. Hopefully her daughter is well taken care of mentally, the last thing you’d want to see is history repeating itself.

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