flash brown answers the questions i was looking for

look at Gawd.
well look at him and then look at God.
I wanted answers in regards to flash brown from ( x yesterday’s entry ).
 was this him with this overall onlyfans presence?
one of the f-bi got me the answers i was looking for…

that’s him and the potential of sampling the meats is on the table.
i’m sure it will make for good content on onlyfans and sneaky links near you.
don’t get lockjaw fuckin’ around him now.

lowkey: i feel like the meats will be for older white wolves only.

11 thoughts on “flash brown answers the questions i was looking for

  1. Save up that “Cash N get sum Flash!! ” Ha ha ha ha

    Now ya’ll all ready know that if if doing it for money he will also do for free with the “Right ” dude.

    A “Straight” mans D&*K won’t get hard for another male unless he’s into it no matter how much money you throw at it.

    That’s like a Gay man getting hard for a female for money. It just ain’t gonna happen!

  2. If U really ok closely at him, he’s a very good oozing guy, but a mess in other ways. Sounds like he’s desperate for money cause his life is hard.

  3. I think the only color those meats care about is green. It don’t think the color of the mouth matters as much as the amount of the cashapp.

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