is chloe bailey giving too much “beyonce” for you? (have mercy)

i like chloe bailey.
i think she is gorgeous,
has a kind spirit,


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…and has serious potential in this industry.
is it me or does she kinda resemble that one vixen from tyler perry’s “sistas”?
it could be just me tho.
i think she is much more interesting than normani tbh.
i don’t know what normani’s team is doing but she needs to fire them asap.
chloe is all set to release her debut album in the fall,
but she is coming out with her debut single,
“have mercy” on the 10th.
she dropped a sneak peek of the video and…


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…it seems like the same kind of music she made with her sister tbh.
if she threw her sister on there,
it would be a song from “chloe x halle” tbh.

folks are saying she is giving a lot of “beyonce” in the video.
it’s no secret many of the younger vixens are inspired by beyonce.
normani did it; chloe is doing it.
do folks realize

Beyonce was inspired by Tina Turner and Diana Ross?

someone is inspired by someone to do what they do.
many of us were inspired by someone to pursue our dreams,
whether it be a celeb,
or parents.
i think when you’re a direct munch of someone,
it shows you don’t have much of your own personality to give.
it seems like all the new black vixens either want to be like b or rih.

You see how many Rihanna clones they were that all failed?

even rih was a “baby beyonce” until she found her own lane.

chloe seems to be heading in the right direction tho.
she has a strong team behind her and she can make people talk.
let’s not forget how she had everyone at awe with her #bussitchallenge:


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…and ( x getting her one performance pulled ) from live tv.
the wolves want to fuck her.
the vixens & gays either hate her or wanna be her.
i’m interested to see what she brings with her career.

lowkey: a cancer making people react and talk by simply being them.
can relate.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “is chloe bailey giving too much “beyonce” for you? (have mercy)”

  1. I love all of it! Chloe has a better shot at it being that she’s already a Beyonce protege. Normani tried but her team is trash, respectfully 🤷🏾‍♂️. Have at it Chloe!

  2. She aint even dropped her single yet and you already talking bout she aint got no personality, the same way they did beyonce. She’s 22, has a hot body, the voice of an angel, and a strong team behind her. Let her breathe and find her lane as a solo artist before you start making preconceived notions about her. Damn…

    1. Diana Ross had barely any breasts we could visibly see. A tiny unique sound, discipline, vision and panache. Fast Forward- LEGENDARY! The underbaked, overhyped Weaved Weevettes; giving all that titty and ain’t nobody asked to see that. She may have voice and personality, but what about some modesty? Haven’t we all seen the sex kitten trope again and again? It’s so yesterday, so late last week and desperate looking. Her face is naturally pretty. Go for the avant garde fashion aesthetic. These stylists should be F I R E D!

      1. Damn you don’t like titties?!?!! Chile titty could feed the world! Let them show them if they got them. Once upon a time titty feed you!

        1. Breasts are for babies, husband’s and boyfriend’s to suck touch and grope, your choice. Beyonce was once young and punch drunk dumb sounding when she spoke in interviews. It’s improved some. Whatever is passing for talent is slim pickings in Gen Z world. There is no mystery and nothing to see hear folks- Mysonne. Ciao Buggerette🦋

          1. Girl maybe mainstream music aint for you then if your that crotchety and conservative. Theres always contemporary gospel, country, jazz, and classical if r&b and pop is stressing you out like this…iks

        2. Asking if someone doesn’t like cleavage on a blog run by a (as far as I know 100% homosexual man) is very 2021. Yes bi people exist, but the whole “breasts and vadge won’t hurt you” movement is WEIRD.

  3. I love both Normani and Chloe but I feel she only got this option to perform at the VMAS because of her connection to Beyoncé. Chloe didn’t have a huge breakout solo hit for her to take the stage so I was surprised about the VMA performance. I feel because she’s the correct shade of Black that the industry adores she’ll go far. She’s a phenomenal singer and great dancer but I feel some strings were pulled for this performance to occur. I also feel Camille is doing her thing to stunt Normani growth as well. Normani performance canceled on late night show then all of a sudden she’s performing? Major side eye lol. Wild side stays on repeat on the hood and etc

    One of the main songs I hear on the radio this Summer. Plus her choreography alone on that song would have stolen the show. I just want Chloe and Halle to have their individual projects but then come back together and make a bigger impact before solo careers take over. Remember what happened with the Pussycat dolls when Nicole Scherzinger tried to go solo too quickly. It crashed and burned. Timing is everything

  4. I live for dissertations when she’s barely spoken or even begun.
    The way people have opinions with no info is fascinating to me.

      1. Kibble
        A nickname for someone whos all around a decent person. Annoying and intimidating at first (especially if you know his background) but once you get past that he becomes one of the best youll meet. Really easy to talk to and he’ll try to help anybody, if they come to him.

        Hes a hardass when he wants to be and when hes mad he gets mad at everybody but if you give him a snickers hes right back to normal. Youre not you when youre hungry. Hes got hella trist issues and he usually keeps his circle small. He shakes his leg when hes nervous or doesnt know what to do, and he “waddles” when he walks. Trust me i notice these things

        And hes got his eyes on someone so all you thirsty asses can look the other way cus he aint gonna go for you.

  5. Disclaimer: I’m not responding just to Jamari’s post, but the discussions I’ve been seeing all over social media.

    Many are going to say that colorism is the sole reason the industry’s hyping Chloe up. While I’m certainly not one to deny colorism (because I do feel it is a factor here), I see other reasons playing a bigger role in this particular situation.

    During the pandemic, Chloe, along with her sister, not only released “Ungodly Hour” (June 2020), an album that caught most people off-guard by how good it was and gained them a wider array of listeners. Chloe and Halle had several memorable performances that not only gave the gays and gurls the vocals, but visuals they crave. Most notably, their 2020 Chloe x Halle’s VMA performance. Then, Chloe trended with the Erick Banks challenge. On top of all that, Chloe and her sister have a good social media present–something that any artist needs nowadays because the people want an “artist they can connect to”. Chloe shows herself dancing to and making music as well as goes live with her sister often.

    So, what was Nomani doing in 2020…???? Unfortunately, being a backup dancer in someone else hit…* sips tea * Why? Well, that leads me to…

    I’m convinced that Normani’s label and team hate her. They never seized the momentum of Motivation and milked it for what it was worth. Yes, she had a few good performances, but her team let her fall off and people forgot about her and turned their attention toward others like Doja Cat and such.
    Let’s not act like Chloe x Halle are brand new. They’ve been in the game and on peoples rader for a minute. Arguably, longer than Normani because we were introduced to them back when they was singing “Pretty Hurts” on Youtube. Both girls have been in the industry for a while and they are both going down different paths and that’s good. I wish them all the best and want both to succeed.

    Let’s not forget, people compared Normani to Beyonce when she first came out with “Motivation”. Calling her “dark-skin Beyonce”. That one picture of her and Bey didn’t help…but it just goes to show that Beyonce has definitely influenced an entire generation of young, up and coming artist. You see it in the visuals, the outfits, etc.

    So, yeah…that’s my dissertation. LMFAO!!!

  6. Normani, Normani, Normani! We always talking about her but in reality Victoria Monet been giving us what we want from Normani yet she does not get half the attention! I’m not trying to pin them against one another but truthfully Normani is kinda over hyped. Yeah she can dance, is flexible and can make a boop here and there but really truthfully nothing ever sticks. Her label, her team hell Normani need to unstand pacing cause the way the dragging her roll out in not good business. Personally I think Chloe is gonna be interesting to see what she does on her own. Personally I would have liked the sisters to stay together (considering most people gonna confuse the two) but hey maybe she will give us something different the the industry standard sound.

  7. Somebody mentioned Victoria Monet and she’s the one with all the talent and it factor that needs to blow up!! Everything she’s released from this Jaguar project has been a total vibe and so effortlessly sensual. I love her!

    Chloe was always my favorite in the group but I’m not feeling her sex kitten solo shit. She’s gorgeous with niiice body and phat ass but for some reason this sex kitten push feels forced. We shall see what she delivers…

    Normani finally came with a good song to match her outstanding dance skills but outside of that… she’s a bore! Her team is definitely failing her. I want to see a dark beauty win but girl you making it extremely hard.

    1. Yeah, I agree. Normani is very talented, but she doesn’t seem to be fully formed as an artist yet. I think she needs to replace her team and develop a stronger identity as an artist. You’ve got Janet, Britney, and Madonna, who are all dance-singers, but all of them had a strong identity. You knew exactly who they were even as it evolved over time. Even Rihanna, who isn’t know for strong vocals or performances, built her entire music career on a strong aura that lets me know exactly who she is. I’ve heard industry veterans complain about the lack of artist development with artists these days and maybe this is the problem we’re seeing with the newer set.

      1. “I’ve heard industry veterans complain about the lack of artist development with artists these days and maybe this is the problem we’re seeing with the newer set.”

        The music industry isn’t interested in spending money on artist development anymore. Not when most artists nowadays can’t remain relevant for more than 5 years. What ever happened to all them mumble rappers like Desiigner…??? Now, the industry cares about who can make them the most money before the artist’s 15 minutes are up.

  8. The NBA- NFL baller hookup, breakup, stirrup is next or the sex tape or her boyfriends, if she has one, pipe leakage will get sent out by a thot or a tranny thot. Or secret Baby mama will get Ruvealed. Publicity 21st century s usual redundant formula. Bored already☹️Cover your breasts Chloe! You are too cute to behave so ordinary and predictable.

  9. I’m honestly not bothered by the amount of skin she’s showing, but I don’t find her getup terribly appealing either. As someone who’s casually acquainted with her, it doesn’t suggest that I’m going to get substance or depth from her as an artist. I’ll be getting “bops” where she’s “iconic” and “slays”. But the look doesn’t capture my imagination or get me excited about what to expect musically. Don’t get me wrong, she’s very talented and beautiful with a grrreat body. I just wish she’d have shown it off in a more interesting, unexpected way. Nonetheless, I’ll stay tuned for her album debut.

  10. I’m not the target audience for either Normani or Chloe, but I want to see both ladies win. Bey and Rhi seem to be ready to take their seats along side Diana, Janet, Mariah so perhaps its time for new blood. I’m excited to see what comes. A few of you guys mentioned Victoria Monet. Sorry, but she seems like a female Ne-Yo: fantastic songwriter, competent but nothing special as a performer. I tried to get into her when I found out she was writing for Ariana and I liked a live performance or two from Jaguar but she doesn’t strike me as breaking out ANYTIME soon. We shall see…

  11. Chloe and Halle didn’t make a splash on the charts because they’re actually creative. People claim they want something different but punish anybody who tries. Their sound isn’t like anybody else in the industry.

    All of that said, I don’t know what the heck that was, but there was no reason to tease it for months. It sounds very now, which coming from her is disappointing.

    The video was a lot, but nothing in it I see being done or recreated for generations to come. Being signed to Beyonce, I expected her to try her best to carve out her own lane.

  12. I dont know why people saying Normani people is trash. Chloe doesn’t have a team. Chloe team is Beyonce alone, period. Beyonce got Halle the Little Mermaid. She is working Chloe to be how she started. Nobody team is better than Beyonce Im sorry. Not to be all on B dick, but what other artist sells out football stadiums, drops albums with no promotions, no hints, no singles and the whole album goes number 1. What artist can make an album, take a two to five year break come back like it was yesterday doing the same thing. There is no better manager than Beyonce. Chloe is doing what needs to be done.

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