the nfl baller who is bisexual and “not single but still looking” on tinder

^this would make a great tinder profile picture.
it says i’m a gentle giant,
with a great smile,
who loves animals,
and i have bawdy underneath my clothes.
it helps he is an nfl baller wolf who plays for the cleveland browns as well.
 meet joseph jackson who is allegedly on the dating site,
an f-bi sent me his alleged tinder profile screenshots and…


we love a good bisexual especially when he plays for the nfl…

…but this profile seems sus af to me.

first off,
i kinda feel like an nfl baller wolf doesn’t need to be on tinder.
his career is already his dating profile.


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i feel like most males are very guarded about their sexuality,
especially in the sports arena.
you see what happens when males,
especially black males,
decide to come out.
it can really jeopardize their careers.

the “i’m not single…” part is a red flag for me.
why does that even need to be announced?
why are you even on tindr in the first place?

and why are all the links to his social medias on there?
it’s really weird.
it’s giving:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or “Crazy Chick I Smashed and Ghosted”

…maybe even an alleged male,
but i think they’d take that show over to “grindr” or “jack’d” for more fun.

not only that,
anyone can make a random profile with someone’s pictures.
this is a public social media world that we live in after all.

i won’t put my hopes up,
but who knows these days.
2021 has been a year of surprises.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “the nfl baller who is bisexual and “not single but still looking” on tinder”

  1. They know good and damn well trade ain’t posting face pics on tinder. SN Tinder doesn’t have enough Men of color for me. That site is for white Men and their BBC fetishes while acting like they care about Black Lives Matter.

    1. Tea
      And a bunch of virtual signaling gays that paint their nails and wear crop
      tops and act like they’re being revolutionaries

    I agree with your suspicions.
    NO NFL BLACK PLAYER in his RIGHT MIND will , can, should do anything like this.

  3. Well, the good thing about Tinder is you can verify your account (a blue check next to the age). So if he was serious enough to show his face, he could easily verify his account. So Imma say it’s fake, lol

  4. Pro athletes don’t use Tinder. They have their own private apps for them to find what they are looking for. Including the bisexuals.

  5. Yea I talked to him briefly. Looked around his FB saw his supposed Gf and all she talks about it being freaky then her “cousin” is also bi and freaky it looks like a complex catfish scheme lol

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