flash brown is selling the meats for the folks to sample?

the following is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.


Did we ever figure out the mystery behind porn wolf/jackal Flash Brown?

the rumor was that he came outta jail and was a full-fledged bisexual.
there were reports he was living happily with a white vixen.
most of us just wanted to see someone wrestling that anaconda he has.
one of my-bi sent me something he alleged posted on his onlyfans today.
this was the message:

and this was the alleged video



font about making sure the client is getting his money’s worth,

i had to go investigate and see if that’s flash’s penis frfr…
( x see a christian mingle dating profile here )
…and it looks like a solid match to me.
if that is flash in that video…

I wonder how much he charges his clients?

does this only including oral?
or does he let them do whatever depending on the price?
judging from his ig,
i don’t see the white vixen girlfriend anymore.
( x see it here )
more time and meats for potential clients anyway.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “flash brown is selling the meats for the folks to sample?”

  1. Call me racist but there’s not enough money to let some thirsty, pale, old, bag of bones suck on me. Niggas will do anything for a bag smh.

    1. I understand that he was paid, yet it is something vaguely pathetic, I feel, after seeing this. In real life, who would even get a hard on watching this spawn funneling all the life out of this man. It is a sorry act of desperation, that he would even agree, for any amount of money, to permit this assault on his body. I would lose my breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktail’s too. A nightmare.

  2. In the words of Nicki Minaj, um chile, anyways. Gay for pay whatever, once you suck a dick and start letting men suck your dick, you are gay, period. Ain’t no curiosity or I only do it for the money. You do it because you like it too. You can’t pay some gay men to do what he is doing and we like it. Call him Bisexual or whatever but he suck dick and he like getting his dick sucked too by men. Old men with money. He is a sugar baby that’s all he is. Ain’t nobody got time for Flash Brown. He will eventually do what Khi Lavene did and take dick on camera too for the right price if thats what he doing.

  3. I mean whatever floats your boat. But I’m a little hurt and disappointed! 😔 Because it seems like all of these so called dudes that we’ve lusted over, go two ways: they either fuck around with these same old “popular gurls ” OnlyFan performers that are overrated OR they fuck around with these old ugly white decrepit muhfukas who fetishize them & only use them for their dicks!

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