chloe bailey, “have mercy” on everyone’s favs

so when “have mercy” dropped on spotify,
i made sure to check it out.
i will font…

It def didn’t sound like something “Chloe x Halle” would do.

i think the teaser is what made me think so.
i was curious to see what direction she would go with the video and…

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is chloe bailey giving too much “beyonce” for you? (have mercy)

i like chloe bailey.
i think she is gorgeous,
has a kind spirit,


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…and has serious potential in this industry.
is it me or does she kinda resemble that one vixen from tyler perry’s “sistas”?
it could be just me tho.
i think she is much more interesting than normani tbh.
i don’t know what normani’s team is doing but she needs to fire them asap.
chloe is all set to release her debut album in the fall,
but she is coming out with her debut single,
“have mercy” on the 10th.
she dropped a sneak peek of the video and…

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