chloe bailey, “have mercy” on everyone’s favs

so when “have mercy” dropped on spotify,
i made sure to check it out.
i will font…

It def didn’t sound like something “Chloe x Halle” would do.

i think the teaser is what made me think so.
i was curious to see what direction she would go with the video and…

…i’m really into it.
the video definitely said,
i’m here“.
the fact she got a cameo from miss tina is a dope look.
fine ass rome flynn was a good look for the love interest too.

his face >
the song is dope and if this wasn’t such a weird-ass time,
i would probably hear it if i went to a club.
i can def see the vixens and gays showing tf out with this one.

i’m interested in seeing what she does at the mtv awards this weekend tbh.
normani and her are both performing so i’m interested in what they bring to the table.
let’s see if they can do their songs justice live.
 beyonce‘s debut at the 03 bet awards cemented her as a future star:


you can catch them both at the mtv awards this sunday at 8pm.

lowkey: normani and chloe need to have some friendly competition.

5 thoughts on “chloe bailey, “have mercy” on everyone’s favs

  1. Beyoncé was so green here, I miss those days before the beyhive made her into something else. She is still amazing but I loved her humble beginnings. Kelly and Michelle cheering her on from the audience just completes the nostalgia for me.

    I wish these new girls the best, it’s gonna be hard for them to carve out their own niche. Somebody said it best that I think I’m too old to be their audience though. I’ll support where I can. I’m loving that new Ari btw!

  2. Jamari you should check out the new video from Ari Lennox….She’s really about to apply Pressure!!!!

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