down in the valley where all the queens men are (tyler perry will cater with hot dogs)

*the following entry is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

it’s clear to me that tyler perry wakes up and is choosing violence these days.
his latest productions are a good damn time.
explicit sex scenes,
butt cheeks,
and pipe with some kind of plot that i’m sure leaves folks wondering “huh?”.
tyler clearly loved “p valley” like the rest of us.
he launched a new show on bet+ called “all the queen’s men” about male strippers.

it stars eva marcille and…

…some past foxhole meat treats like jaye hardbody.
i meannnnnnn…

how much is bet+ again?
i may have to tune in for research purposes.
was their audition reels from their onlyfans?
i’m glad tyler felt inspired to serve us the meats.
this bootleg “uncle clifford” tho…

there is only one and can never be another.
you can check out “all the queen’s men” on bet+ now.
if someone has a bet+ login,
can you share it with the fox?

11 thoughts on “down in the valley where all the queens men are (tyler perry will cater with hot dogs)

  1. Wait, is that jaye hardbody real Twitter bc it’s loaded with gay content. I thought he caters to the straights if my recollection is not confusing me

  2. I believe Perry is an Executive Producer because they are using his studio, but this is Christian Keyes show, he wrote it, created it, and it’s based on his book.

  3. Wow . How come the guys in Gay /Straight Porn never seem to look as good as the guys in Non-porn media??? ,There are a few exceptions. They either have a good Body ( or Dick or Azz) but the face is struggle) ha ha ha

  4. I understand it’s in Atlanta where black men are as shy about as female catholic virgins.
    But a show about a strip club with little to no nudity. When I saw the two words Christian Keyes, I knew they’d avoid nudity where possible.

    Strip shows in bikini briefs. Utter bullshit.

  5. Tyler Perry is a brilliant marketing person. He understands what draws viewers. Women and gay men will tune into this show. P Valley will get straight men. Forgot Uncle Cliff (lol). You can find him on any low budget gay club. LOL

  6. My favorite Taurean-“Bolo” is a part of the show. I stan for that man any day! 🥰🙃😜🤤 #teamtaurus #teambolo

  7. The trailer looked good as heck to me when she broke that girl’s nose and said no pics. Sistas I love. I don’t find it predictable. The same people who say we need better Black representation are stans of Love and Hip Hop. There’s a lawyer, airline worker, bank manager and salon owner. All respectable professions and I find myself pausing because the plotlines get too real and I can’t handle it.

    Makes me want to check out his other stuff.

    As for P-Valley, they need to hurry it up. Been waiting too long!

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