come on baby light my fire (boiling point problems)

have you ever reached your boiling point?
after keeping your emotions bottled up,
it takes one situation for you to scorch the earth.
some of us are dealing with tremendous stress and fucked up situations.
jackals have done us wrong and kicked us while we are down.
last night,
i blacked out on two friends because I had it with them last night…

…and it felt so good.
i fonted it.

It felt good.

One was annoying tf outta me with this random-ass privileged attitude
The other had a battery in his back by not minding his business

it was the smart-ass comment that actually rose baphomet out me.
i like to keep him deep inside because once he is unleashed…

“It was at that moment that they knew they fucked up…”

I have a habit of keeping things quiet when I’m angry.
I got everything off my chest and even though it ended with attitudes,
it felt like a sort of closure for me.
maybe not a full closed door,
but the porch light is off for a while.

I think this is my “fed tf up” arc tbh.
I’ve fallen comfortably into my boiling point and ima chill here for a minute.
there is beautiful content,
and destruction here.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “come on baby light my fire (boiling point problems)”

  1. I bet you read their asses all through the library. Cancers hold it in, in, in, then BOOYOW!💥⚡🔥

  2. It brings balance. Continue to voice your thoughts, your frustrations and etc. It’s therapeutic to release anything burdens before they take root in our spirits. Some people are gone because they internalized stress or anger instead of saying how they feel. In this season I’m Malcolm 3.4. Age 34, just turned on August 28th and I’m not taking any bullshit. On my bday I had a gathering with close loved ones and even booked a stripper lol. In this season I’m no longer being an enabler for entitled, stagnant friends. And I’m dealing with my pessimistic friends also. This is your Life and whenever energy comes that’s not right check it and keep on moving forward. Accountability is a beautiful thing.

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