“i have something to tell you…” (cues dramatic soap opera music)

“I hate to drop this bomb on you,
but there is something I have to tell you…”

whenever I’ve heard those words in my life,
it was always associated with something awful.
it was said to me when I found out my mother had leukemia.
another time,
I was being told that a friend I trusted was slandering me behind my back.
the last was I was fired from that last job I was at.
that sentence has never been good for me.
that sentence came from my therapist today…

After his vacation these last two weeks,
he decided that he is going to retire in the coming months.

he is 71 and suffers from terminal cancer.
it’s time for him to wind down.
he has been doing this for over 30+ years.
this is yet another something I’m losing this year.
another thing on my plate that I have to find again.
this has been 2021 for me.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on ““i have something to tell you…” (cues dramatic soap opera music)”

  1. Wow terminal cancer. I’m praying you find the right counselor who can be the best practitioner for you. I hate when I find great Dr and then they retire.

  2. That’s rough for you & him! Terminal cancer is no joke. How long before he retires? I’m sure you could get some referrals from him of other therapists he recommends. I know it’s not easy finding someone you work well with though.

      1. Yea it’s a big hurdle for sure. I’m sure you’ll find someone who’s even better suited for you. I feel the same about the last 2 years being a big ass reset for me. I’m still trying to figure out wtf I want to do when I grow up lol.

  3. I am so sick of disease.

    Viruses enrage my soul. You’re not even alive! Why is it your mission to kill as much life possible? You’re not even a parasite! Just a tiny assassin.

    And CANCER. Literally by chance, suddenly you have a few months to live. The body is trash. This life is trash.

    Make the most of it, while here.

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