tyson beckford lets us know he is not gay in jamaican

i was today years old when i learned that tyson beckford is jamaican.
that actually explains a lot tbh.
tyson has been doing a lot of talking these days.
he went to “vlad tv” to re-ignite the spat that he has with kim kardashian.
he made a comment about her on “the shade room” in 2018 and she responded:


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…in a nutshell that he is allegedly gay.
vlad asked him to go more in detail about it and…

that shirt is dope af and my type of shit.
any id?
so im gonna start the font with…

Tyson Beckford looks amazing for 50 years old.

he is fine af and looks years younger.
i feel like he should be doing more as one of the vets within the industry.
i don’t know if he takes younger male models under his large biceps for mentoring,
but he should be doing what naomi does to the young vixen models.
that being fonted…

If ya’ll know Jamaicans like I know Jamaicans,
they will not contain their accent for anyone.

that muthafucka will make an appearance if you like it or not.
some of them it’s like “we get it, you’re jamaican”.

learning that tyson is one of those old-school jamaicans,
i already know they don’t play about their sexuality.
that is the highest form of insult to them.
it makes sense why he blocked me on twitter.
i’m sure he had to contain his judgments while being a male model in a gay world.
what i found interesting is he did all of that carrying on but didn’t address the rumors.
i guess revealing that he smashed kim k was his way of letting us know he’s straight.

this is his entire vladtv interview where he talks about the chris brown beef,
fighting with 50,
ye sending his goons on him:


lowkey: you ever messed with an old-school jamaican on the low?

35 thoughts on “tyson beckford lets us know he is not gay in jamaican

  1. …he’s right. He’s not gay, he’s bisexual. And I’ve seen him multiple times in NYC in person. Trust me, he’s bi. And he ain’t even Jamaican like that so stop. He’s from Rochester NY. It’s his heritage yes, but do he eat sleep and shit Jamaican? Nah.

  2. Tyson often contradicts himself so if U have a keen sense few people will take him seriously. I came upon a few videos of him by chance last weekend n was drawn to watching a series of them.. I have to give it to him, he is a beautiful man, not the most intellectually stimulating but seems grounded.. Tyson, I’m sure, is aware that some Jamaicans harbors anti gay sentiment, although many who scream the loudest are or have engaged in the sexual activities with other men.. I digress, I don’t think he’s necessarily Gay, but I’d bet he’s on occasion engaged other guys, for goodness sake, that is the nature of the fashion industry, I bet he’s been to parties with some of his top employers n he has participated with select few.
    That said after watching him. I kind of like him, he tries to present a tuff image to counter the Gay rumours.

  3. The man is 50. Who gives a fuck? I’m not checking for no 50 year old man. If he came out today or tomorrow, okay… He still looking good but he’s 50….I’m. It beating my dick to a man 10 years away from being a senior citizen.

    This is rich coming from Kim who has multiple kids with Kanye who has been rumored to be dl and once fucking Riccardo Tisci and called out by his ex girlfriend for liking it up the butt. The dig just doesn’t land when that’s the gossip.

      1. He is a good looking man who does nothing for me cause he’s old enough to be one an uncle’s age. I don’t do men 3 years older than 6 years max if I’m stretching it.

        1. He is a good looking man who does nothing for me cause he’s old an uncle’s age . I don’t do men 3 years older than men….6 years max if I’m stretching it

  4. I have been following Tyson for years. If he is or not gay it’s his own life. People should stop trying to run someone else’s business and mine their own!! He looks great at 50th, because of good genes!!

  5. That little spat above wasn’t even entertaining. A bunch of “a Jamaican played me” bitter energy. I’ll see myself out.

  6. He was doing so well in his interviews (despite his blatant obnoxious personality) until he said he isn’t gay because he IS Jamaican. Insinutating that Jamaicans have a very low tolerance for homosexuality so that somehow means he views being gay as a taboo thing. I remember, SAFAREE said the same thing when he was accused of being gay. “I’m not gay, I’m Jamaican”.

    Ignorant buffoon asses! Do you know how many Yardie Mandingo’s I’ve ridden in my lifetime? Y’all aren’t fooling anybody! Your nationality cannot dictate what your sexual orientation will be. It makes it seem like being gay is a choice when they make these type of comments. So damn myopic.

    Also, good for Kim Kardashian. She has a nice repertoire of sexy black (and non-black) men that she has sucked & fucked in her lifetime. Good enough to write an entire memoire about it. These men think they’re shaming her, when in reality she is set in life. These men are the groupies now who used HER name to boost them. The world is shifting, she is still an eligible bachelorette who has an endless window of men at her feet. But I digress..

    The Game
    Tyson Beckford
    Reggie Bush
    Ray J
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    TJ Jackson
    Nick Cannon
    Kris Humphries

    I mean call it want you want but sis has LIVED lmao.

      1. And you’re fucking pedophile @Endless thinking it’s cute that Kim Slutashian smashed Bow Wow when he was barely legal. You perverted queen.

    1. You sound like an absolute idiot. But that is expected by someone who thinks it’s jamaicans are attractive and worth sleeping with. I would go to a clinic and get tested asap after touching those wildebeests. You know none of them jamaican negros can’t keep it in their pants.

      And is why your dumb ass rallying behind Kim Slutashian’s ass? She doesn’t know you nor would piss on your lame ass if you were on fire. Absolutely NONE of those losers in that list are “sexy” as you falsely claim and If I could I would advise them bitches to go get tested after being in her ran through ass.

      You’re just another one of those gay queens who live vicariously through some bimbo celebrity. Get a life hoe.

      1. FUCK it’s late where I’m at and I’m tired, fuck them typos and mistakes. I’m tired of fucking f*****s always coming for me for having an opinion. Nasty slut ass queens like @Endless. Go back to riding more diseased jamaican dick and leave me alone trick.

  7. you queens think you can get anyone because they are drop dead gorgeous , you been dreaming and creaming about this hunk he is not and was not gay or bi . . get over it and stick to your gay guys

  8. Look at this fool! He’s so D-List! A REAL A-List Male model wouldn’t stoop so low and appear on Dj Vlad’s tacky ass channel. Would you ever see Marcus Schenkenberg on here? Of course not he knows his status is high and higher than tyson’s for sure.

  9. You’re late as hell, of course he’s jamaican that explains the bad attitude, why he always looks like he REEKS BAD, why he looks like a deformed platypus and why he is just lame as hell overall.

    Bad attitude + Bad smells + ugly faces + lameness = jamaican

    1. Get a life you ashy bitter bitch. You most likely dont even look as HALF as good looking as this man. Trolling online only exposes YOUR inner deep demons. Seek help LOL

      1. Excuse me was I addressing your monkey looking ass? Are you jamaican? Is that why you’re so mad? 😂😂 I definitely look way better Platypus face beckford FYI and definitely look better than you that’s for sure. If you’re jamaican I KNOW i automatically look better than you. Stay mad monkey!

        1. Hey musty 😉

          II must add that I’m not Jamaican, BUT I’M ALSO not an obese, ugly, ashy, yuckmouth, yellow-armpit virgin incel stuck on an armchair hating on people who look 10 times better than him online. Your projection is speaking LOUDLY crusty, FIX IT LOL

          Khia 2.0 – Get out that cabin you troglodyte bottomfeeding socially awkward abortio-survivor! Shit I’d mad too if I were you!

          Which Jamaican dude called you a “bottyman” back in the day boo?

          This sounds like some unresolved trauma LOL!

          Deal with this dragging, I know you will be back – life has nothing else to bring back for you. Drink bleach!

        2. You’re probably the type who tries to catfish dudes on apps after getting rejected 100x times. An obese fuck ass dude who’s never seen a gy, probably never seen his dick in a while due to that dragging azz GUT. Gym won’t fix that fugly ass face but it sure will fix that bad built top heavy body that you carry around. I’m sure your parents are embarrassed.

          Your projection has been DULY NOTED. You dont have the range INCEL!

          1. Blah Blah Blah, I see that you’ve conveniently ignored addressing why you think a barely legal bow wow was cute to smash sluttrashian? Nothing? Oh that’s what I thought you PEDO, perverted queen. Now stop barking bitch and hop on one of those jamaican apes’ diseased dick like I told you to, since you love them monkeys so much.

  10. Well Jamari there was a book called “Hiding In Hip-Hop” that had a description of a model that sounded a lot like Tyson plus there was those Derek Jeter rumors….So in all honesty if Tyson does slide under the fence then it’s probably not often…. That’s not my business tho🤭🤭🤭

  11. I forgot about the Chris brown beef lol and I knew he was Jamaican from back in the day where he discussed his lineage. He still looks great. I just feel people should insinuating people are gay because of their profession and etc. I did laugh when Kim K clapped back that time though

    1. I’m with you on all parts. I don’t think he is “Gay”( hell I don’t know ) He is a legend and has earned the respect. He has opened many doors and uplifted Black Male Beauty Globally.

      Kim came back with a good one. He walked right into that one.

      He should have known better to critique anyone else so harshly

      1. I don’t agree, calling someone gay as a way to emasculate them is not cool, especially for her since most of her team and fan base is gay. She’s disgusting…and Tyson was right, them doctors did a number on her body.

  12. Yes… I have/am as a matter of fact. If they do..that shit be so low on the radar af. That temper aint shit to play with..theyll be down for life but fuckem over and see what happens. Very proud and majestic…and private. He and Diddy smashing was a rumor before…we ALL know how Diddy roll…👀 whichever way the wind blows

    1. ^the dick be fire and they will be fiercely loyal,
      but they can be a headache if they are still in the wild.

      nothing is better than them speaking patwah while they are fuckin’ you.
      you’ll cum like a rocket,
      i promise you.

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