tyson beckford lets us know he is not gay in jamaican

i was today years old when i learned that tyson beckford is jamaican.
that actually explains a lot tbh.
tyson has been doing a lot of talking these days.
he went to “vlad tv” to re-ignite the spat that he has with kim kardashian.
he made a comment about her on “the shade room” in 2018 and she responded:


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…in a nutshell that he is allegedly gay.
vlad asked him to go more in detail about it and…

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is young buck the alleged reason a trans vixen’s booty got fat?

trans vixens will always let you know they’re real vixens,
but they still out males who sleep with them for being “gay”.
i’m often confused when i hear these stories.
there comes a point in your life when it’s time to say:

“I keep getting caught up and it’s with the same scenario.
It might be time for me to live my truth.”

living one’s truth doesn’t mean it’s some declaration on social media.
it simply means:

“I like what I like and I have no insecurities about it.”

is it time for young buck to alleged live his truth?
he keeps allegedly getting caught up with trans vixens and they keep outing him.
he had an interview on “vladtv” denying being involved with any trans vixens in the past:

and the survey says

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TV is Turning People Gay (Nothing You Can Do About It)

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.07.27 PMthank god i never got into his music full time.
i think i liked one song of his,
but he does way too much screaming on his tracks for my taste.

so boosie is mad!
he says that tv is trying to turn everyone gay.
that’s right!
shit i hope it turns some sexy wolves gay so i can get some entertainment.
in a very “what drugs are you on?” rant,
this is what he said to say via tmz
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Boobie Still On This “Keyshia Cole” Thing

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.09.40 PMnba baller wolf,
daniel “boobie” gibson,
is still crying over his ex,
keyshia cole.
i’m convinced her pussy is lined with blue bunny ice cream.
he had an interview with vlad tv about everything keyshia cole…
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Kanye Doesn’t Want To Be “The Pioneer of Queer Rap”

kanye doesn’t want you to see him a skirt any longer.
like this one ye:

or this one:

well it’s really a “kilt”.
after lord jamar ripped him a new one in the song,
he got a little “sensuhtives”.
he wants every site with him wearing a skirt wiped.
i’m sure i’m next.
he started with getty images

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