yung joc thinks rather highly of himself that he wouldn’t perform for gays

in 2017,
tank performed at dc gay pride.
he stood up there,
with no shirt on and looking like a whole thanksgiving meal,
and sung his catalog for his gay fans.
many of those songs are sexual by nature.


hence the iconic:

so when i see yung joc of all people,
talmbout he wouldn’t accept 250k to perform for gays…

and something about “looking at him with lustful eyes“…


first off,
does he even have a catalog to support a whole concert?
i’m being dead serious.
hasn’t there been other straight acts who performed for gays?

this pineapple looks like the male version of ursula from the little mermaid.
what are we even talking about right now?

I can guarantee you that no one is looking at you with lustful eyes.
You don’t have to worry about that part.

me thinks joc looks in the mirror and thinks he looks like this:

he might need to clean his mirrors.

it’s always the “mid to ugly mofos” who thinks every gay wants them.
i blame the insecure hoes who gassed them up to such lunacy.

lowkey: vlad be setting these pineapples up.
they be like lemmings going on his shit.

8 thoughts on “yung joc thinks rather highly of himself that he wouldn’t perform for gays

  1. This gumdrop is so unattractive and this makes he even more troglodytic! No thanks, Ms. Yung Joc, no ma’am!

  2. Vlad is a culture vulture and they thirst to get on his platform for a check. Now, I wana know wtf told Joc n Boosie that any gays thought they were cute. I wouldn’t even let one of them GIVE ME dome! It’s always the 3’s talmbout being uncomfortable around gays, when Tank’s whole 10 a z z understands the assignment.

  3. Ok… that’s how he feels and I’m not mad at that….But Yung Joc….Hear me loud and clear sir!!! I hope ain’t nun of my fellow gays looking and lusting over u….I damn sure know I’m not one of the lusting over yo Baby Bop lookin AZZ!!! Boy Bye..go getcha hair done!!!!

      1. I dont think even women find him attractive. If it wasn’t for his money they wouldn’t look his way.

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