TV is Turning People Gay (Nothing You Can Do About It)

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.07.27 PMthank god i never got into his music full time.
i think i liked one song of his,
but he does way too much screaming on his tracks for my taste.

so boosie is mad!
he says that tv is trying to turn everyone gay.
that’s right!
shit i hope it turns some sexy wolves gay so i can get some entertainment.
in a very “what drugs are you on?” rant,
this is what he said to say via tmz

Boosie is adamant … TV is forcing kids to be gay, and if things don’t change … in 10 years half our population will wave the rainbow flag.

Boosie went wild Thursday during an interview with DJ Vlad … railing on TV shows that showcase gay characters. He mentions “Empire” and various cartoons including “The Flintstones,” and excoriates producers he accuses of “forcing” young kids to become gay.

Boosie says he doesn’t hate gays. On the other hand, he says if one of his kids said he was gay, “I would slap his ass back straight.”

You gotta watch this.





















…the ninja turtles and flintsones tho?

tumblr_myc5wh2njF1qk6zdio1_250you know what bugs me?
that gays are the lowest on the totem pole,
but the disgusting shit the straights do is never called out.
boosie would have a titty attack with some gay shit on tv,
but he is okay with dysfunctional reality show shit that dominates tv right now.
the logic?
he says a cub’s mind is too fragile for homosexuality,
but it’s strong enough for the disrespecting of vixens in music videos?
he would slap his cub back “straight” if they was gay,
but what would he do if shot up his school in a murderous rage?

tumblr_nr80wnU2EV1tsjzgfo1_400you see i have questions.

believe it or not,
the gays have a story line as much as the straights.
the world is changing and so is entertainment.
if boosie is so upset that there is too much gayness on tv,
then stop watching it.
proceed to ban your cubs from watching as well.
if anyone’s cub turns out to be gay,
then that shit is just gonna happen.
there is nothing anyone can do about that.
his logic only creates the “dl” stereotype for the future.
they will hide it until they feel comfortable to reveal themselves.

boosie is ignorant.
that video highlighted his ignorance.
i’m not even insulted,
but moreso baffled at his opinion.
one where he repeated himself twice within 7 minutes.
the straights do shit that drives me crazy so we can break even.
i wouldn’t want my “UN-developed” cub’s mind witnessing:

unwanted pregnancies with random hoes
disrespecting black vixens for hoes of other races
selling drugs to make a living
the only way to solve issues is fighting or killing

we good here.
holla at me when someone who isn’t a walking stereotype has a valid point.


in the meantime,
he can go find a seat somewhere.

lowkey: boosie. better get prepared.
half the population is gay.
there are many who are not out and living discreetly.
“culture shock” coming up in 5,4,3.2…

article taken: tmz
video: vlad

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “TV is Turning People Gay (Nothing You Can Do About It)”

  1. We can’t have one show Boosie? But wait, it’s only one character thats, gay nt the whole show. The Flintstones?? I… what?????

    1. He said the Flinstones DIDN’T have gay characters kissing eachother. He was talking about how different television is from when he grew up. Perhaps if you watched the video instead of reading the misleading article only you’d realise that. But you’re too caught up in defending your lifestyle that you didn’t bother to even hear what he has to say.

  2. LMAO. When people like this speak, ignant ones, I tune them out.
    TMNT (who are brothers) and Flintstones though?! Sit yo ass down and be quiet! LMAO

  3. I had to stop listening @ :57 . Just couldn’t stand it anymore. People that use phrases like “they trying to turn everybody gay” should be hit in the fuckin head with a brick. I guess I should’ve been “turned straight” by watching Xmen, Sesame Street, Cosby Show and other tv programs I grew up with. Dumb f*ck boy! 😡

    But in the end WE are winning. We are gaining rights and protections under the law – which is all gay people ever wanted. Straight Black people are mad as hell over that and they blame Obama. I just can’t with them! For the sake of my peace amd sanity, I refuse to enter into their universal of stupidity.

    That is all.

    1. Wrong! All sexuality is learned behaviour and exasperated by giving into physical desires (read: lust). Sex is merely for reproduction and it’s the use of it for PLEASURE that has caused this problem.

  4. Life has a way of teaching people a lesson when they’re this ignorant. Someone close to him will come out.

    TV doesn’t cause kids to become gay. What can cause kids to become gay is men like him. In the black community we have this rule that fathers shouldn’t express emotion. When fathers neglect to show emotions to their son or not try to work through them, it can affect the development of a young man. A father not in his son’s life because he’s in prison can contribute too 😒

  5. The only thing more tired than this topic are the gays still bothered by other people’s opinion.

    If you’re living your best life, why do you care about his opinion? Everyone has them. Furthermore when you’re ASKED your opinion you can’t be mad them.

    It boggles my mind when people say homosexuality is a sin gays retort with other sins.

    So you’re not negating homosexuality is a sin?

    I honestly just sit and watch both sides get into their feelings about the topic.

    One side is afraid of change and the other desperately seeking acceptance where there is none.

    1. “It boggles my mind when people say homosexuality is a sin gays retort with other sins.

      So you’re not negating homosexuality is a sin?”


      When I see gays respond with shit like “having sex before marriage is a sin” etc. I’m like what does that have to do with anything?! When you mention other “sins” then all you’re doing is COSIGNING with that ignorant notion about homosexuality being a sin! Some people are so uninformed it’s embarrassing.

      If somebody tells you that being gay is a sin the best way you clap back is by telling them that you had NO CHOICE when it came to being gay so whatever it may be is out of your control. If feeling like this naturally is a “sin” then take it up with the higher powers or whoever made humans because I damn sure didn’t choose this shit. Don’t tell me it’s a “sin” when I didn’t have any choice in it.

      1. I’m glad you got it. The whole basis of Christianity is you can confess your sin and be forgiven and better. So listing sins like sex before marriage and eating shellfish as a response is kind of dumb, and clearly you can’t do the same with homosexuality (although I’ve met men that abstain from engaging in activities).

        Furthermore, most representations of homosexuals on television are just an attempt to exploit and make money anyway. Nothing to be particularly proud of.

        He’s not saying anything a lot of our parents, relatives, and neighbors wouldn’t say.

      2. @Est…nah, I just clap back that EVERYONE sins. Husbands/wives cheating on one another, children not honoring their parents, sex before marriage, etc. That usually shuts them up. LOL

      3. You’re both wrong! Who you feel attracted to has nothing to do with “I was born this way” and we all know it. You think you have some safeguard by saying it’s not your choice? This is the same argument losers use to say they “just need to get their dick wet”. You don’t need to screw and asshole/be screwed in the asshole. You just want to. Are you telling me “gay men” are no less capable of NOT screwing something than “straight men”? You’re all (“straight” and “gay”) just weak. Sex is for reproduction only. Using it for any other purpose is just selfish and weak.

  6. I just have to laugh. I’m subscribed to VLAD so I saw this on my subscriptions but I refused to watch it based on the title alone.

    And you know them dumb ignorant simple ninjas subscribed to that channel are gonna eat this shit up and start making up dumb conspiracies like they know what they’re talking about. If anything, I feel sorry for them. They are fighting a LOSING battle.

    They swear they know everything about people being gay where it gets to the point where they stress over and over about this supposed “agenda” that is getting them nowhere. What are they going to do in 2026 when there’s more “out & proud” gay folks walking around? Start a revolution? LOL. I can never take a rapper seriously. Especially an incompetent one like Boosie at that. That’s why education is key.

    1. I only saw this post because of this topic, but I had to join the conversation…

      These shit-stained rappers failed to realize they blinding are supporting an agenda of VLAD and many like him in the Entertainment and Media whose SOLE purpose to exploit the stereotypical notions of Black Men And Black Women entertainers for his own bottom line. The oxymoron of this whole coon-buffon shit…

      Do they NOT know how dumb they really are?

  7. “…in 10 years half our population will wave the rainbow flag.”

    Yeah, and in 10 years half the population will be his illegitimate kids and their undoubtedly illegitimate descendants.

    1. …and I can hardly take anything seriously from a mofo who I know used to rock an ashen face and spittle in the corners if his mouf…halitosis anyone?

  8. I don’t understand how ya’ll are baffled by his comments he may have not been eloquent with his speech but he’s actually correct here. Television first and foremost is a programming mechanism that’s why they call it Television PROGRAMMING they also have warnings/ratings at the beginning of the programs telling you what you are about to be subject to. Just like a child can learn how to dance, fight, curse from the television it can also program them to like the same sex.

    1. ^where are the parents?
      if they don’t want their cubs seeing this stuff,
      then why even watch an adult themed show like “empire”?
      much ado about nothing.
      it reminds me of when parents were blasting britney spears for being sexual.
      that snow bunny is not there to parent these children.

      1. Unfortunately for Black parents in particular, because of the system we live in lots of times we are subject to only having one parent in the home, working low wage jobs or a job that require them to work long hours to provide for the home. So the child is left alone unsupervised to be programmed by the television. This is just part of the war that is being waged against us

    2. You have a point but I don’t think TV is making kids gay, rather teaching to be accepting of it. The shows will have the message that it’s ok to be different, just like they have always had in generations before. The only difference is what is defined as different. At one point it was diversity in race; at another it was gender and the position of women. Now it’s about gender archetypes and sexuality, trying to show kids that they do not have to submit to what other ppl say a boy/girl should be like or what they should like to do. From that they can learn to be more tolerable to those who are gay b/c they got the message that it doesn’t matter that so&so is a boy/girl who likes a boy/girl. Plus many shows actually aimed at small children as their intended audience (as opposed to a show TV14+ that a small child happens to watch) overall have far softer concepts and characters, who revel in being in touch with your feelings and how actions make others feel – a concept many see as soft and equate to gayness.

      1. Programming aimed at children under 14 INCLUDES gay themes. Some politicians even believe and advocate MORE gay themes be included in children’s programming.

        “learn to be more tolerable to those who are gay b/c they got the message that it doesn’t matter that so&so is a boy/girl who likes a boy/girl” and this is the problem with television moving from entertainment and into indoctrination. Parents should be the ones teaching their children morals and sex, not television.

  9. What’s so ironic about his statements is that he has a song catering to the likes of gay women, titled “They Diking”. I wonder was he talking about his daughters as well when he said he’ll slap his kids back straight. Cause to be truthful people in general especially black people are understanding with women being gay or bisexual. But when its a black man who identify as gay or bisexual the lack of understanding does not exist.

    1. The majority of people in general, regardless of skin colour detest homosexual behaviour, including lesbianism (which ultimately doesn’t exist).

    1. A man who just finished getting raped by homosexuals? I think I can understand his disdain for the people who just raped him. Perhaps we should ignore the struggles he went through because “he’s a felon” or “he’s homophobic”. Oh wait, no! The disgusting homosexuals who raped him deserve his contempt along with any of their apologists.

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