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xanax helped keep the urge for penis in check

you’ll be surprised about what we do to remove ourselves from reality.
many people use drugs and alcohol to suppress what’s really happening on the inside.
for many who are struggling with their sexuality,
we will drunk or high ourselves out of their minds.
i felt like it was the opposite for me when i was struggling within myself.
getting high actually made me more paranoid than anything else.
i felt like i was exposed to those around me,
but i could pick up on all the energy of males that were attracted to me.
colton underwood,
who appeared on the bachelor and recently ( x came out ),
claims he popped xanax to keep his gayess contained in his new documentary…

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did a well-known attentionisto allegedly drug a male into having sex with him?

my mother always told me to watch when someone pours me a drink.
she went on to warn me never leave a drink un-attended either.
you never know tho.

Some males can be ruthless when it comes to sex.

some of us have trusted the wrong males during intimate moments and got burned.
more often than not,
some will secretly drug you to loosen you up so your guard can be let down.
the following was brought to me by one of the f-bi.
it involves ju aka @nopicsnochat (in the picture above).
he claims he was drugged into having sex with a well-known attentionisto.
one i have covered more than a few times.
ju claims after he felt he was drugged,
he confronted said well-known attentionisto and was gaslit.
this is the IG highlight of what went down for your review…

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is all the good porn about to off of twitter next?

twitter is one social media where i can get news quickly and good porn as well.
twitter usually has the trending news first and has great amateur porn as well.
sex workers use twitter to advertise their best clips for their onlyfans.
don’t be fooled by those clips tho.

They’ll advertise a bomb-ass clip,
make you pay to access their Onlyfans,
and make you pay again to see the full video….
that’s like the same length of the same free clip that’s posted on Twitter.


i think twitter might be trying to get a mop and a bucket.
my left ear went up when they suspended ( x rhyheim shabazz twitter profile ).
my right ear went up when jack dorsey stepped down as ceo.

and both eyebrows went up with this latest announcement from twitter safety…

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romeo, romeo, where art tho dat eggplant, romeo? (on his onlypans, duh)

*the following is rated r.
viewer discretion is advised.

a wolf who knows how to cook will always be sexy.
if i planned on eating whatever he cooked,
i wouldn’t be able to eat until after i got some.
do i really need to go into detail about what i mean…

romeo johnson aka @giraffe908 got our attention with marvin bienaime.
he posed nude for one of his photoshoots that he did.
romeo does a segment on his instagram called “onlypans“.
it’s where he cooks food for us but naked.

can we have him for dinner instead?
for his latest segment,
he cooked penne carbonara and his world-famous empanadas.
he even showed us the size of the eggplant too…

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i’m ret to pack my sh*t and go.

 it’s time.
it’s time for me to go because i’m tired of being here.
what’s happening inside me is bursting.
so it’s definitely time

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trey songz might be deep up in some sh*t (again)

wtf is going on with trey songz?
this mofo is going out bad.
every time i turn around,
he is in some shit.
if he ain’t knocking someone upside their head,
some vixen is alleging that he did some shit to her.
i legit said to myself yesterday:

“I wonder what’s been going on with Trey Songz?
I haven’t heard from him in a minute since his Onlyfans debacle…”

and then i see this pop up on my phone via tmz

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