Daddy, Can I Lick Your Big Juicy Plastic Chest?

so this foxvine was sent in from an f-bi.
i found it interesting so i said:

“Why not?”

i’m all for a beauty scandal.
so it seems the animals are taking the easy route to look “ig ready”.
no more sweating to the oldies in the gym.
some are allegedly headed to get plastic parts like their vixen counterparts.
i think that rhymed.
anyway this is what was sent in to me…


So you know how LA is the land of plastics. It seems even the boys are getting in on the action. One of my sources allege deno ( @denojustdeno ) and Chidi ( @_entree ) got pec jobs. It’s not good enough to have nice pecs they want to look like action figure.Chidi I’m not sure about, but I can confirm Deno. He has his teeth and other stuff done as well.

well let’s look at both and their alleged “male boob jobs”:


deno’s chest looks small.
chidi might be believable.
now i can’t confirm or deny,
but i will say:


if the vixens are getting plastic parts,
it is no doubt the male species would start.
sometimes going to the gym is just not on the plans.
if you can go get a quick fixer-up,
and it doesn’t look outrageous,
then why not?
if they can afford it,
i say go ahead






















…but just don’t be out here talmbout you was working out for that new bawdy.
don’t answer questions or flex on the gram.
take your shirt off and let your admirers have nice jack off material.
there needs to be a surgery to get most of these walls sewn back together.
out here with a nice bawdies and their foxholes beez like:


the wolf falls right in.

chris+hemsworth+shirtless+age+of+ultron+1so if you want to get:

new teethus fixus
plastic parts
a bigger tail
a supersonic pipe

…or other cosmetic procedures to make you “your best self”,
then i’ll most certainly allow it.
just know that stuff can become addictive.

*inside jamari fox can’t confirm or deny stories sent in.
everything is alleged until proven as truth.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “Daddy, Can I Lick Your Big Juicy Plastic Chest?”

  1. Man this guy chest looks legit nor do I see scares, love it!!! Transgender female like lath ashley are obvious they had work done. This story reminds me of Taleon Goffney, the porn star who had his chest done a couple years ago to compensated for his lack of mass.

  2. This is nothing new. That white “Ken Doll” guy Justin Jedlica been did this..

    I’d defo be turned off by a man with implants because we can BUILD them. That’s one of the luxuries about being a man. We can get that body if we wanted to unlike women who have to rely on mother nature for their boobs/butt otherwise it’s straight to Dr. Miami’s office.

    And also that’s what also fuels the attraction for me when it comes to a muscular man. A strong man that worked hard to craft his amazing physique. I’ll be damned if you’re looking like a damn tazmanian devil and incredible hulk hybrid but yet you can lift me up and throw me in the bed. Uh uh! I’d also be creeped out to touch a “plastic chest”. The thought of it just rubs me the wrong way..

    If y’all can deal then fine. Different strokes for different folks.

  3. Yea, I follow him as well. He’s battling cancer at the moment and it appears that the poor guy is fighting for his life. Whoever sent you that info is extremely tacky J. In my opinion.

    I hope everything works out for him.

    Now, I CANNOT confirm what type of cancer he has, however, someone appeared to have mentioned anal cancer in an earlier post and I had a lightbulb moment.

    Anal cancer is closely linked to HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). The more sexual intercourse a person has, the more likely they are to have this virus. THIS INCLUDES MEN & WOMEN. GAY OR STRAIGHT. It does not discriminate. Basically, if you are sexually active, more than likely you have had this virus. When the virus doesn’t go away, this becomes a serious problem.

    Receptive anal intercourse increases the risk of anal cancer, and HIV+ (due to weak immune system) men are up to 90x more likely to develop it.

    Again, this is all just FYI. I never saw a post where he confirmed anal or colon cancer. I also don’t know this man’s sexual history. However, this information kind of helps us put things into perspective, at least for ourselves? Our community (men who have sex with men) is ESPECIALLY at risk for this cancer and I would encourage everyone who reads this blog to read more about it. Understand the risks and their effects.

    He is in my prayers. He seems like a positive, fun loving, guy who is living his life to the fullest. I honestly wish him the best.

    1. When he went to Puerto Rico for his birthday in May he did a video Q and A on Instagram.He asked people to ask questions and he answered about 50 questions.I believe he said he was diagnosed with either colon cancer or colorectal cancer.I believe he was about 28 when he was diagnosed.I asked him what his biggest regret in life was and he talked about not furthering his education if I remember correctly.Someone asked if he was into men,women or both.He answered just men.

      1. Oh yea, i think I remember him doing that. Sigh, so many guys out here struggling man. This homo shit isn’t as glamorous as IG pics make it seem sometimes. smh.

      2. Thank you for the info Y.Colette. He sounds like a great man that doesn’t need negativity right now.

        I can’t be the only one that wants to hear when he gets better. You should send Jamari an update when he does, it seems like something he’d share

      3. @Dee He is doing better in that he is getting out the house.He went to get a pedicure and he went to a July 4th pool party.He had to make sure his feet looked nice for the pool party.He posted a pic saying he was leaving early though from the party.He mentioned last week he hadn’t been able to sit down due to the surgery.So he probably needed to get home to lay down.You can tell he is thinner.He also posted a couple funny memes and a video of him smiling.If he post an update on his health I will let y’all know.

  4. I hope the FBI who sent the story didn’t know about Deno cancer because that’s not cool at all. I hate hearing about people fighting cancer, it just really hurts my heart that someone has to deal with this, I have seen a few of my family members get taken out by cancer. I honestly hope he pulls through this.

  5. I follow Deno(Robert Johnson) on IG.A few months ago he learned his cancer had returned and chemo and radiation wouldn’t be a medical option to treat the recurrence.A couple of months ago he had his colon,rectum and some of his intestines removed.He has had several setbacks where he had to be hospitalized.In his last post he says he is finally able to walk and still can’t sit.He has a few months before he recovers from his surgery.

    I find it hard to believe that the person who sent you this story was unaware that Deno is basically fighting to survive this battle with metastatic cancer.I am little confused why this rumor was brought up at THIS TIME.I don’t know if the rumor about the implants is true but I know it’s not the right time.

    1. ^i’ve never heard of him so this is all new information to me.
      very sad about his condition and he will stay in my prayers.

  6. I hooked up with Deno earlier this year. Soon after he announced on instagram that he’s battling colon cancer.

    1. He was diagnosed with colon cancer several years ago.He learned this year that the cancer had returned.In March he had his colon,rectum and some of his lower intestines removed.The doctor say chemo or radiation wouldn’t be effective this time so the surgery was his only option.He posted he is finally able to walk without a walker but he can’t sit down yet.He has had several setbacks since his surgery.

      1. IDK but one of his followers mentioned he had the same surgery 15 years ago so it’s not hopeless.It just takes months to recover from the surgery because they basically remove three organs or body parts.Colon,rectum and part of the intestines.

  7. Do not know the other one, but I highly doubt Chidi has implants. Similar to butt implants, you usually can tell by looking at other body parts. In this case, I would look at the back muscles, shoulder muscles, and abs. I would be disappointed about Chidi because I been having some thoughts about his pecs, no lie lol. I’d kidnap his ass.

  8. They look very convincing, but if I were to discover one of my IG Thots had implants I would unfollow them. Fake body parts are against nature, and my desire is based on nature 😜. As for the trend, I can see it taking off among lots of Butch Queens. The fems are already getting butt injections, so I don’t see the fake tiddays as too far a stretch.

    But hey, that’s the narcissistic world of the gays. We praise beautiful bodies even if we have to risk our health to obtain them.

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