i remember the first time i ever ate mcdonald’s.
it was when my mother brought me to disney world as a kid.
when i got my first happy meal toy,
i was so fascinated.

Drink AND A TOY?!

it felt like i was being rewarded for eating.
over the years,
i’ve felt like mcdonald’s has changed.

Maybe I have changed?

i can’t eat mcdonald’s nowadays without my stomach being violated.
last time i ate mickey dees,
which was many years ago,
i was shitting my brains out in the old navy bathroom on 34th street.
when i go on a road trip,
i’m gotta find a new spot to eat since fast food is all down the highways.
i went down the rabbit hole of watching videos from food insider yesterday.
they were comparing fast food in other countries vs here in the US…


i’m absolutely confused with this meghan markle situation (foxhole, help)

remember ^this moment?
this was during the honeymoon phase OR the beginning to the start of the shit show.
meghan markle had all these folks wanting to be swept up by royalty.
a “not so known” actress landing a prince and being part of a royal family.
it gave hope to all of us who want to date “up” and not dumpster dive.
well last night,
the opposite to that fantasy was revealed during the exclusive oprah interview.

Life behind the scene for Meghan Markle was not what it seemed.


i watched bits and pieces before i turned to the all-star game,
but i will ask a controversial question to the foxhole community

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brandy verzuz monica: the battle between the r&b princesses!

i grew up listening to both brandy and monica.
they are both heavy parts of my growing up.
never say never” and “after the storm” hit real different when you grow up.
well tonight is a big night for the culture.
i think millennials are gonna be front row for…
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Hoes Who Give Head Need Jesus (Too)

when you get delivered,
you often have a testimony.
hoes always have the most interesting stories,
but should they be shared when standing up at the altar?
a foxholer sent me a ex-street walker sharing how she got up off her knees.
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Brandy Either Got A Food Baby or a Whole Pregnancy

so brandy is allegedly pregnant.
that is the word through the forests today.
the baby father is allegedly this wolf:

sir the baptist.
i just snickered.
it seems like a secret,
but kim from “the parkers” aka countess vaughn may have spilled the beans…
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Joe Budden Has Some Time For L.A. Reid

the best thing joe budden could do is start talking.
i mean with his “the joe budden podcast” and youtube show,
“everyday struggle”.
joe budden became a star again because of that deep voice and intellect.
i listen/watch his programming faithfully as soon as it’s uploaded.
aside from all the “drama” joe budden has,
he has never been one to bite his tongue.
so music exec,
l.a. reid,
allegedly got fired from epic for alleged sexual harassment.
joey hates l.a. reid.
he had a lot to say about l.a. on “everyday struggle” about it.
no “allegedly” either…
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