that hbcu baller who just came out was already cummin’ on grindr with his white man too?

ya’ll be wyldin out but it’s good for my line of work tho.
byron perkins,
the first openly gay pre-baller wolf from an hbcu,
had his time in the sun on tam’ron hall’s talk show today.


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he is handsome and has a nice voice.
the foxhole has been barking about his alleged boyfriend,
one who happens to be an alleged older white male.
a foxholer dropped alleged grindr pictures in my box today too.
i can’t confirm or deny the validity but i’ll let the foxhole be the judge…

the lips be lips-in’ tbh.
the necklace be necklacin’ too.


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i meannnnnnnnn…

I’m not surprised he has a Grindr account
I’m not surprised he has a white “luh-vah”

that has been the standard of all pre/baller wolves who came out.
i’ve been told they have been spotted at alleged sex parties before this.

not eww.

unless ya’ll were talking to him on the low prior,
you might not get a piece or take him home to mom.
it is what it is.
he is too young for me.
i like my wolves 28 and up these days.
ya’ll will have to wait for the next contestant to step up.

lowkey: was his white “luh-vah” there at tam’ron hall show for support?

20 thoughts on “that hbcu baller who just came out was already cummin’ on grindr with his white man too?

  1. He is cute. He looks like Keith Powers a little bit.

    Y’all really need to come off these black men for dating out. Be realistic, black men don’t be trying to date like that. They be on some Netflix & chill type of shit with everybody. White men are usually more relationship oriented. That’s why you see more of them settling down than you do black men who are still kept from due to closeted, financially and educationally behind. Don’t no matter got time for that when you’re on an upward trajectory in life.

    1. It’s recycled baggage. Blk gay boys are often ostracized by their families, then they grow up and find fast friends/lil bf’s in what initially feel like safe spaces. When those relationships tank, they take on bitterness and walk around with more chips on their shoulders than Pringles. The ‘elders’ are often just like the bitter aunties always telling the young straight ladies in the family how all men ‘ain’t shit’.

    2. res11 Your comment is contradicting. Also White men are not more relationship oriented. White males with other White males stay having “fun” together or having an open relationship where one plays while the other is at work.

    3. “Be realistic, black men don’t be trying to date like that”

      Lies. Black straight men are literally the posterchild for “passport bros” so please speak on what you know.

  2. it saddens me that even at an HBCU, these closeted scared black queer men can’t find each other.

    1. ^ ^ ^ teezus .. say that !!! .

      I believe some Black men don’t like their Blackness and buy into the “White Superiority Complex Kook Aid”

      Slavery and Centuries of Western Non-Civilized Dominance and Aggression is very real and it is indeed sad!

  3. 🤦🏾‍♂️ He needs to be focusing on school not going to sex parties (if true) where he could possibly be recorded and exposed which will hurt his image around campus. Not to mention the high risk of disease

  4. I’ll never understand what it is about, stringy hair, pale skin, and narrow features that drive these niggas crazy.

    1. I think it’s mostly about the fact that white men are more accessible, particularly when ur in a closeted space. White gay spaces can often seem like a breath of fresh air to someone who is just getting comfortable, especially considering that the only thing we ever see about black gay spaces are videos of ppl standing around on their phones not socializing, men dressed as femininely as possible, and parking lot brawls. Black gay spaces often just aren’t welcoming/appealing to gay men coming into their comfort zones.

      1. There’s also the money factor. Black & Latino boys are being flewed out & used by older White men. I’m reminded of another article Jamari did that showed a young Black male athlete who had just come out, all hugged up & kissing some fat old White man on a red carpet. That just goes to show you how easy a honkey’s life is that they not only keep doing this(being predatory) but also proudly showing off their hot young thing that is clearly being bought.

        1. That part too. They say use what u got to get what u want, so I’m not mad at said type arrangement as long as all parties involved know wasup. White privilege allows them to not have as many hangups as blk gays. Blk gays be sooo consumed w ‘I’m not paying for sex, I don’t HAVE to pay for sex…’, while the white gay is getting exactly what he wants because he, like every straight athlete, rapper or $ baller, recognizes that both parties are bringing what they bring to the table, to the table!

        2. Normie you didn’t have to go in. But I know exactly what young Black male athlete it was. He was on YouTube and went viral ONCE for his anti-Blackness.

          Oh well.

          If you can’t beat em, join em, right?

    2. Brotha.. please let me know when you find out? Though I STRONGLY , STRONGLY prefer Black men ( Blue Black , Beige, Light Yellow ) I see nothing wrong with dating non – black. BUT,,,,, at least include some Black in there too.

      1. This is it right here totally agree. I don’t get bothered seeing black people date others. I’m grossed out when it’s the only thing they date. Racial preferences are gross and it’s usually a symptom of some trauma or brainwashing

    3. You and me both. It’s even the pubes for me. Straight hair down there doesn’t do it for me. I want a nappy bush above it.

    4. So called Niggas all over the world have been programmed since the womb that God is yt man Jesus is a yt man, the Angels are yt, yt ppl rule the world, yt ppl are Kings & Queens, yt ppl are the Best Actor & Best Actress, yt ppl make the Best Album every year, yt men and yt women are the most beautiful ppl in the world we are taught this over and over again everyday. All of it is a lie but it’s still deep in the subconscious mind and it’s manifest itself in your conscious behavior

  5. He is a nice young man. I hope there are mentors that can steer him away from the excesses of gaydom, sex parties, xxx bookstore’s etc. Monkeypox ain’t over, neither is COVID..

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