i’m absolutely confused with this meghan markle situation (foxhole, help)

remember ^this moment?
this was during the honeymoon phase OR the beginning to the start of the shit show.
meghan markle had all these folks wanting to be swept up by royalty.
a “not so known” actress landing a prince and being part of a royal family.
it gave hope to all of us who want to date “up” and not dumpster dive.
well last night,
the opposite to that fantasy was revealed during the exclusive oprah interview.

Life behind the scene for Meghan Markle was not what it seemed.


i watched bits and pieces before i turned to the all-star game,
but i will ask a controversial question to the foxhole community

Why are black folks taking on her struggle?

meghan markle is a white identified biracial vixen.
from her past pictures,
i have never seen her with any black vixens as friends.
yes her mom is black,
but that’s about it.
does she even know what the true black struggle is really like?
when she got into that palace,
she got her wake-up call really quickly.
in my opinion,
she was treated unfairly because they found out she had “black” in her.
it was telling on them wondering if her babies would come out to be “dark-skinned” or nah.

don’t get me wrong,
from what they were saying last night,
i agree that she was treated very unfairly.
no one deserves to be treated like that,
but for black and gay folks everywhere:

Imagine how we feel?

all this seems to me is like:

The media is trying to give someone a “black struggle” when I don’t think they deserve that title.

do you think if she looked like sanaa lathan or gabrielle union,
she would even be allowed that far in the door?

they have always been alleged to be racist so i’m kinda confused.

another thing is we might need to stop is living vicariously through other people.
it doesn’t help social media reinforces that.
if you looked at meghan before all of this,
you would have assumed she living the good life.

…but again,
life continues to show that everything is not what it seems with others.
even ourselves and the things we chose to filter and ignore.

Am I wrong for thinking this?

lowkey: meghan should lowkey be glad they bounced.
ya’ll see how kate middleton aged from all the stress?
nah we good homie.

20 thoughts on “i’m absolutely confused with this meghan markle situation (foxhole, help)

  1. Shame On Meghan Markle & Prince Harry for Used the Taliban takeover taking place in Afghanistan & the growing humanitarian disaster in Haiti For Publicity & Stay Relevant

  2. I Think Prince Harry Is on the same level as Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, James Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Jordan Belfort, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner, Rob Kardashian, Armie Hammer,

  3. I Think Meghan Markle Is on the same level as Amber Heard, Patrizia Reggiani, Melania Trump, Hilaria Baldwin, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Elaine Chao, Lara Trump, Bethenny Frankel, Heather Mills, Lauren Sánchez, Jameela Jamil, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, Nadine Macaluso, Chrissy Teigen,

  4. Well in my opinion Amanda Seales said it best on IG… “She acted like she did not know the Royal Families History. She didn’t say she wanted to judge them by how they treated her (which is understandable), she said did not know how they were did not know the history. A quick google search could have solved this. That way you have an idea of what you are dealing with..

  5. I think she’s very intentional when she says she’s biracial. She knows she doesn’t present as just black. That and her obviously being raised by a black mother, being estranged from her fathers white side, and not explaining away the covert racism she has received from Brits gives me the impression she’s not the run of the mill, confused biracial person that holds blacks and whites to different standards.

    I don’t think people are making her the face of martyrdom, but the same polite, covert racism she experienced is frankly much more violent and straightforward with the rest of us.

  6. Anybody who knows history knows the story of the tragic mulatto. Slave owners raped African women and sent their children to Europe to be educated. They then would be sent back to plantations to rule as plantation owners. However, they’re only supposed to keep fully Black people down. Not gain actual power. So anyone denying that racists would have a problem with a biracial woman are absolutely illogical.

    Beyonce to a white person is Naomi Campbell to us. Stop acting like despite there being darker white people, there are different rules for us. One drop is not only an American thing.

    And anybody who knows about the history of cannibalism and slavery in Europe would not be surprised by their deep-seated racism. Europe was struggling and Africa wasn’t. They were looking for treasure because they were poor and Africa was divided up by the European powers.

    Black people have their place in white supremacy and so do biracial people. A biracial woman was NEVER supposed to get this far in upward mobility.

    And Jamari is correct, a woman who looked like Sanaa Lathan wouldn’t have gotten that close with their ambiguously Black features.

    What Meghan is experiencing is not what a Black woman would experience. Meghna is experiencing not being Black enough and not being White enough depending on what situation she is in. A Black person would not experience that.

    This stems from conflating struggles. If a darker skinned Black person says they experience colorism, a lighter skinned Black person will tell them to stop complaining and that we’re all Black. The problem with that is, as a minority, the more strikes against you, the more difficult your situation is.

    Bow Wow and Keyshia Cole claim they’re biracial. Whether it’s true or not, they do get advantages from not being very dark. But they don’t have the same struggles as a Meek Mill or K. Michelle.

    Being racially ambiguous is good for Hollywood, a token diversity spot and dating apps, but when it comes to true power, the white supremacists want pureblood White. And that’s why incest is so prevalent. Keeping it in the royal family.

  7. Is any one really shocked I mean of you you dc o your research this shit happens alot I would not have married in to that family for shit

  8. I agree that she definitely enjoys a certain level of privilege due to having a heavily Eurocentric aesthetic. She strikes me as a white-identified biracial woman, which is her prerogative to be. At the same time, she has black ancestry and so it entitles her to play the race card whenever she chooses, for better of for worse.

    That said, I’m not entirely buying what she and Harry are selling. Between her body language, the inconsistencies in their story and her general reputation, I’m not entirely convinced that their problems stemmed purely from racism and hostile press coverage.

    I’m semi-irritated that the black zeitgeist is jumping on the bandwagon of performative wokeness to defend Meghan without having done its research or critical thinking about whether she is a worthy martyr for the cause.

    1. “I’m semi-irritated that the black zeitgeist is jumping on the bandwagon of performative wokeness to defend Meghan without having done its research or critical thinking about whether she is a worthy martyr for the cause.”


  9. Jamari – I think you are using a brush to color Meghan. NO she has NEVER said anything negative about her race neither has she ever said anything about identifying with her white heritage. She even said in the interview that representation is important and she knows her role in that respect and how it is important for people that look like her to see themselves represented at the institution like #TheFirm. Meghan is very much aware of who she is and her upbringing points to how strong her mother grew her up despite the circumstances .

    Black people are identifying with her because we know so well what she is talking about and some of us may look down on her and say she is privileged so what the fuck. Well we are all not in the same boat in this life, we may be in the same struggle however and so we identify and commiserate and we take our frustrations out on that racist Mother Fucking England, the pioneer of slavery in the West and how they continue to be hypocrites, with their stiff upper lip, stained with the blood of the millions of people that have died at their hands.

    This interview is Diana #2, take away Harry and Meghan and insert Diana. History is repeating itself and Harry did what he MUST do which is Get the fuck out of that dysfunctional Family. Yes they were naive in thinking they could have changed the Institution. At the same time why wouldn’t the Institution change? Haven’t they learned from the tragic Dianna story? The answer is NO. They are immovable and cold as the fucking grave and I predict its only a matter of time that HARRY will be the victor and change #TheFirm to something his mother always hoped it would be.

  10. She’s never came out and said she identifies as white, we just assume off of looks. You don’t have to be militant black to get a black card and you are what your surroundings raised you to be which for her is LA. Im not going to knock someone whose mother worked her ass off to the point that her daughter didn’t have to probably deal with the bullshit she had to. She grew up in a wealthy black neighborhood in LA.

    Its a black struggle regardless because the way she’s been treated from the jump and we all know is because she’s half black. Harry’s exs have never been treated like this. HELL look at how William was quick to release a statement about racism in his “soccer league” and not even defend his brothers wife lol/

    Sadly I’m so over all the media coverage they have received that I am biased I feel like this story is easier to spin and is easily to market. Isn’t that fucked up way to think. Its all about branding and images at this point and they need to make a living.

    I could see everything she’s said is true. They seem like one of those secret societies which if the mirror cracked all the shit is brought to surface. No matter what she says they’ll always make her out to be a villain, you can see in the comparison of Williams wife.

    1. ^thanks for breaking this down s.

      i’m always down to be corrected for my ignorance of certain things.
      i’m extremely grateful to this community for educating me.

      1. If its solely just on struggle then Rachel Dolezal is black LMAO.

        Its like Naomi Osaka, I first saw her and thought she had a huge tan and didn’t know she’s black. When she goes home they illustrate her as a super fair. She doesn’t know black struggle really either but she’s now vocal on black issues, beginning not so much. People pick and choose their battles, for some of us we might not have that luxury but black is still black.

        I have issue with other races dictating to black people who we can claim as black. I read this op-ed piece where the author kept having to address people that were upset that we call Barack Obama black and not bi-racial. Same goes for Megan and Naomi. Theres a lot of psychological brainwashing thats associated with black skin. Like they couldn’t fathom someone so polished and posed as Barack to be a black man that isn’t a rapper or athlete.

  11. I’m going to let the mixed-race folks be on the frontlines and fight this one. However, it is sad that they, specifically Megan, have to go through all this. In-laws can be something else…

      1. Some brown and dark-skinned black women (black people as a whole really) love taking on the plights of others as if it’s their own with little to no reciprocity shown in return. It’s sad really…

  12. Meghan is actually friends with black and indian woman serena williams and pryianka Chopra respectively.

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