zaya wade is demonic and will turn all the straights into trans (j-boog is calling it)

look at ^that face.
i love a handsome face on a wolf tbh.
i wasn’t into b2k as a kid,
but i did like their singles.
i wasn’t really a “boy band” person tbh.
out of all b2k,
i’ll say i thought j-boog was the most attractive.
he grew to into a fine wolf:

…but like most of the fine wolves on social media,
he has a “let me share my fucked up views and thoughts” problem.
zaya wade,
dwyane and gabby wade’s trans daughter,
had an interview with michelle obama that has mosy of the straights in a tizzy.


this is what j-boog had to say about it on ig under “hollywood unlocked“…

not “demonic“.
even a  random raz b was co-signing:

he fucks wit his old co-workers again?


 i do feel that she is still a child,
she has many more transformations in her as she ages.
who you are in your teens is not who you’ll be in your 20s,
and 40s.

…to call it demonic tho?

not with our current music and other agendas we tend to fall for.

i keep fonting that some of the straights are weird.
so not trump destroying the country,
or the panini bringing us to our knees,
but zaya wade is the one who will bring the world to an end?
unemployment rates are at their highest,
500k have died from disease,
but this trans child speaking to lady o is gonna bring the famine and lotus?

zaya wade must have superpowers her damn self.

She continues to keep the straights extremely bothered

…and i’ll allow it.
i think when you keep people pressed when you just show up

You are the most powerful of them all.

lowkey: even attentionisto arquez was out here co-signing what j boog said…

so i guess it’s not only the straights who feel the same?


21 thoughts on “zaya wade is demonic and will turn all the straights into trans (j-boog is calling it)

  1. I love this man. He speeks TRUTH. Totally DEMONIC. It goes agaisnt God and hell is a real place, folks.

  2. Yall keep saying am agenda is being pushed like yall know who decided to do this interview. And yall are so so worried about her being too young to transition like you have insight on her body & her medical procedures. Just stfu.

  3. I’m side eyeing Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade for putting their CHILD out here like that for scrutiny.

    It’s completely cool they love and accept their child unconditionally but it seems to me they are pushing an agenda (whether you agree or not) instead of protecting their child.

    Now how is this child going to have the space to grow up and make inevitable mistakes without tons of people who don’t even know them having an opinion?

    You can’t be mad about the discourse you invite.

  4. I think the conversation is complex on multiple levels; so, let’s start to have the conversation. First, I think it is phenomenal that D. Wade and Gabby have created a safe space for Zaya, and at the end of the day that is truly the story; and not Zaya. The harsh reality is that many people in the LGBTQ+IA community (more specifically the LGTQ teens) face homelessness as they are kicked out and disowned by family, have a hard time finding stable employment; hence, why a lot of people who identify as gay or transgender turn towards sex work in the forms of escorting and prostitution. Not to mention all the negative aspects that come along with the instability that comes as a result i.e., safety concerns, drugs, mental health, etc. The real story here is D Wade and Gabby and more so D. Wade; but because we are dismissive of heterosexual men especially black heterosexual men, we refuse to acknowledge it.

    2nd. let’s dive a little deeper. D Wade is worth $170 million and Gabby is worth $40 million, Zaya won’t face the same issues in terms of lack of access and opportunity that the vast majority of people in her position will face. I think a lot of people in America do have an issue with projection and trying to live vicariously through others; Zaya is not you and you are not her. I feel that there is a real problem when we make the ultra-rich the face and the loudest voices in certain spaces. In my humble opinion, the Wades should use their platform to maybe highlight those individuals or communities that actually have to live the struggle.

    3rd I don’t want to be too harsh; 13 years old is very young and so somethings might be understandable, but what has Zaya actually done. I am still young, but I grew up in a time right before the creation of the “participation trophy” where you actually had to achieve something in order to be highlighted and praised. At 13 years old, with the level of resources that Zaya has access to, she could be the first in a vast variety of things. Even at 13, I want to see her start a profitable business or an effective charity, fly a plane, sail a boat, or in other words; do something other than simply exist that would call for this level of attention.

  5. @Marcqwis Jones, Fatal Vixxin, Kwesi, and Black is Beautiful: LOVE your comments. And shout out to the Wades and Mrs. Obama for continuing to be examples of love, understanding, and support for all of us…

  6. I think JBoog is blowing this out of proportion. Isn’t he the member of the group that’s abusive in relationships? He’s calling this demonic but what about the Chris Stokes allegations? Isn’t that just as bad?

  7. Why can’t people leave this child alone? She isn’t bothering anyone SMH folks need to mind the business that pays.

  8. JBoog will be the first one to sleep with Wade when she gets older and looking fine as KIm Kardashian ..STFU Jboog and go fuck your woman and leave peoples business alone. WHY is everyone in this child’s’ business? MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS

  9. Black men should be the last ones speaking up on anything especially after their continuous abuse towards black women. They ain’t heroes or leaders of anything FOH!

    As far as children transitioning…iono!

    I love being a man, literally everything about it. But I do remember being young and thinking well I like boys and I like a lot of things girls like, sometimes I act like a girl so maybe I’m supposed to be a girl.

    That was me as a child…and if I had transitioned today I woulda looked back n said fuck I made a mistake.

    So sometimes I think loving your child is one thing but just because you love them doesn’t mean that you should let them make decisions for themselves. They are children, their brain isn’t fully developed yet. So I think transitioning should be an adult made decision but I can’t tell anyone how to raise their kids.

    I do think you can support your child and still tell them to wait for the right time to transition. I mean she’s gonna go through puberty and things REALLY GONNA CHANGE!

    🤷🏾‍♂️ Just saying…

  10. Ignorance is a GLOBAL issue my dear Brothaz! It is not just ‘Blacks”, “Fine Wolves”, Trump Supporters” . etc.. However, as oppressed as we and our “fellow “Black Straight and Church Going Folk are you would hope that we all truly would overcame such ignorance!!!.

    We must continue to call them out, put them on blast and stop supporting them!!

  11. Listen I can’t personally speak on transgenderism because I don’t know what it’s like to be transgender. What I will say is that as a gay man I know what it’s like to be harassed with and deal with ignorant negativity. I do agree that as a child Zaya definitely shouldn’t be pushed to make such drastic changes to her life as she is still growing up. But, that doesn’t change the fact that as far as we know she has discovered who she is and what she wants to be. Hell, I knew I was “different” when I was five and definitely knew I liked males when I was 12. So what’s the big deal about her? Some people know who they are from when they’re young, most as they grow into adults. She’s clearly not the latter and she’s also not afraid to express it. Contrast that with me when I was her age, pretending to be “one of the crowd”, quickly “correcting” myself in order to look more “normal” and etc, we all know the blues I’m singing. I definitely think she is a inspiration to her generation simply because she’s what many kids need to learn and hell even adults. Don’t be afraid to be who you are and never be afraid to express yourself. Embrace both of those aspects and be happy. Now granted she has loving and understanding parents (which I love them heavy for) on her side which most people don’t, but still what matters is the lesson and the message that Zaya conveys. I have much admiration for the young lady 👏👏👏

  12. Calling it demonic is crazy but that’s what blacks are brainwashed to call anything they don’t agree with…

    However Zaya is a child and them being so open with her transition may cause some pain in the long run. Look at How Willow was ruined from her publicity at a early age!

    Also… this interview was apart of some sort of Women’s month initiative…… and in this instance I agree with J-Boog. This little boy is a child and shouldn’t be paraded out here for Women’s Month.

      1. Zaya is a boy, and I wish people would stop taking him seriously. He us growing up in a rich bubble and has no concept of the real world.

  13. Ok….now let me say this…..People who live in glass houses need not to throw stones!!!
    J-Boog…now wasn’t he the one sleeping with his bandmates mother?!….I’ll wait!!
    Raz-B….I’m just gonna call u a lost man…Bye!!!
    Arquez….Now he’s out here slangin dick….suckin dick….eatin azz….and everything in between…Make it make sense!!!
    Yes…everyone has their own personal opinion….but understand that NEITHER one of the people is without SIN….Just go SAT Y’ALL AZZ DOWN SOMEWHERE AND HUSH!!!

    1. THANK YOU!!! So it was all gravy when he was a part of pushing a heteronormative “demonic” LUSTful agenda by being a part of B2K. But the moment someone boldly acknowledges who they are in life it’s now “this is demonic proof that the world is ending tomorrow”! Chile, the world has been ending since before Jesus was born! I’m not saying its open season to do any and everything you want without consideration, but the text says “work out YOUR OWN salvation with fear and trembling!”—a.k.a., WORRY ABOUT YO’SELF GETTING IN BRUH! God is not concerned with the small things that make us different. The first thing He’s gonna say is “So about that HEART…” Which is why many of the scriptural text in reference to salvation and heaven are directly connected to the condition of and correlation to the heart—“if you confess with your mouth and believe in your HEART”. So J-Boog SAT DOWN SIR and EXAMINE YOUR OWN HEART! Worry about dat first! MMMKAY PUMPKIN!

      Don’t get me started on Arquez; he ain’t what he appears either. Y’all know I know people. This world is smaller than we think. Forget six degrees of separation—I got LESS THAN ONE!

  14. It amazes me how much HATRED black people have in their hearts for people that are different and who are happy being who they are. We use religion to call people demonic and abomination failing to realize that SAME religion was the same doctrine used by slave masters to suggest our inferiority. Hell they even used the doctrine back in the day to say the son that didn’t help Noah during his drunken state on the Ark and was cursed was the lineage that we come from and that’s why slavery existed. Straight people think we want to change their kids, and gays don’t respect what it is to be trans. Society as a whole is fucked up and this is why I love Dwayne and Gabby. That child will grow up loved and protected. I admire her strength

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