lbgtq+ss (the ss stands for super straight)

there are the straights and then there are THE STRAIGHTS.
it’s like when black folks talk about white folks around white folks.
there are certain white people who understand how fucked up other whites are.
i think some gays are dope AF but i think others are dumb af.
those ones hit every stereotypical branch on the way down to their dooms.
same with some black folks tbh.
this latest “wtf?” from the straights gave me a chuckle.
when am i not cackling like a banshee from some of the straights?
a certain group wants to feel included so they’re calling themselves “super straight“…

if i can’t put “super” without having superpowers attached to it,
it’s a dub.

sidebar: omg,
imagine having superpowers like wanda maximoff aka scarlett witch.
i’m not beyond having a whole country under my control for my manz.

you wouldn’t be able to tell me shit out here.
i imagine my supervillain would be a bitch to deal with.
every other day it’d be some shit and every other day,
a levitated tim boot would be up their ass.

back to the story at hand…

the straights wanna be included so bad.
i say let them have their moment.

5 thoughts on “lbgtq+ss (the ss stands for super straight)

  1. This sounds like the episodes on Pose where Blanca goes into a gay bar but gets rejected because she now identifies as woman but still is considered gay to the rest of the world. Super Straight is super gay and immature. What’s next we are Triple Dog LGBT+. You are either straight or you are not. If you feel any other way, you are curious. Its bad when you are a super minority and you have to deal with somebody in their feelings. Being black is one strike. Being a black woman and a lesbian is a double strike. Being a black gay bottom is less than that. Being a trans is even lower than that in society eyes. You can be gay but you can’t be trans because the world is still not ready. This Super Bullshit had to come from a Super Bitch. A super straight guy is the same as a “Real Top”; you can fuck anybody but you don’t suck dick or get yo ass ate.

  2. Straight people want to be oppressed so badly. Sexuality I’d viewed as a game now and I’m over it. Between the segregationist behavior in the LGBT community and the Black itself it’s like everyone wants to do a rebuttal to spite others. Wtf is a Super straight? These insecure Men are usually low-key conflicted themselves and are rarely straight.

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