was tekashi69 trying to get/give 6 or 9 inches to/from lil nas x?

lil nas x is so handsome.
he joins me in “the team of legendary #biglips“.
one thing i like about him is he knows how to handle his social media.
he is charming and very amusing.
i can only imagine all who is sliding up in his dms with his fame.
baller wolves?
 other singer/rappers?
once you get that blue check,
it becomes a whole different story.
tekashi69 made a comment about lil nas x in regards to china requiring anal swabs for outsiders.
this is what he said ( x under akademiks post about it ):

lil nas x decided to do some commenting of his own in regards to that comment…

in which 69 responded:

can an IG dm be deleted first so it looks 69 never sent anything?

i don’t want to say lil nas x is lying but…

Why wouldn’t 69 slip-slide in his DMs under a burner account like a normal person?

i’ll let the f-bi solve this mystery of “was 69 trying to 69 with lil nas x?“.
you can put the results on my desk when the mission is complete.

20 thoughts on “was tekashi69 trying to get/give 6 or 9 inches to/from lil nas x?

  1. Y’all believe the same Lil Nas X that lied about being a Nicki Minaj stan page until just recently?

    They’re both trolls that use online antics to compensate for their lack of musical talent.

    Probably coordinated this too.

  2. LilNasX is talented and sexy and 69 is neither. LilNasX, you can do better but thanks for sharing!

  3. Is he really trying to pull the “I never sent anything” routine in 2021. 69 saw them titties on Lil Nas X and got reminded of what he was doing in jail. Lil Nas X is a gay country rapper, what possible explanation do he need to lie. He has two Grammy’s beating Mariah Carey! One track, beating Mariah Carey number one hit for a decade.

  4. I believe it but not necessarily to hook up 69 wanted to proly take pics and do a song together keep in mind he’s a troll so he figured it would break the net

  5. DL men always put themselves on front street. It be like sir…who told you to speak? Now here come the receipts because you don’t know how to stfu and mind yo damn business.

  6. 69 did porn for bilatinmen years ago. He got fucked. How no one run with it is shocking to me. Would have added the kink but pornhub got scrubbed

        1. LMFAO!!! As much as I would love for this video to be true, Fatal, I don’t believe that is him.

          Thanks for the video though!

          1. LMFAO Right I’m not too sure if it’s him either but a lot of people seem to think it is him. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

        2. Wow!!!! It really does look like him!!!!! I am on the fence with this one. My first thought is to say “It is him!

    1. Pls tell me yall are just having fun and trolling those of us w common sense?? 69 would not have had any piece of career if that was him. Lil nas was trolling him to get back at him, and it was a great move.

  7. In a weird way I’d like to see them fuck each other. Lil Nas X is handsome and 69 is sexy in a crazy twisted way that I can’t explain 😂 I’m not gonna sit here and act like I wouldn’t watch these two nut on each other 💦🍆

    1. Hell yea. I love a crazy little papi and 69 turns me all the way on. I don’t know why maybe it’s my top energy but when nicki was pouring that milk on his face I was in heaven.

  8. Idk much about Instagram but the first reply under 69 response is how lil nas was his first suggested result from “recent”. Don’t know if that just means he searched for him but there is a “delete” button clear and center soon as he brings up the thread.

  9. Tekashi is not attractive enough for anyone to fake DMs from him. He’s not OBJ. He deleted them. After getting sucked off by Charlamagne after getting out, he’s been wondering what that mouth do. Also, Lil Nas X can get Instagram involved by downloading his Instagram Data. It shows deleted messages. MWAHAHAHAHA!

  10. I’m lmaooo while doing this damn homework. 69 ass sent that I believe Lil Nas X. These Men know which Gay Men are messy and which ones aren’t. Also many of them think every gay man wants them so the level of audacity is crazy

    1. ^he shoulda sat there and ate his food.

      i dunno why people make themselves the center of attention while in the throes of foolishness.

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