it’s good carlee russell lost her wig because it woulda been snatched clean off today

you know i’m not even going to laugh but i’m going to be concerned.

The fact that many people believed this Carlee Russell story,
while gaslighting everyone who didn’t believe it,
shows me where folk’s critical thinking skills are.

folks were dead calling folks racists,
and #notprotectingblackwomen because we saw through the bullshit.
what got me hot is the whole country was looking for this fool.
black and white people were trying to find her.

sadly tho,
the press conference with the hoover pd confirmed many of our suspicions today…

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yardiestyle gets exposed (again)?

i didn’t realize how fine of star,
i’ll always remember his debut on xtube.
*pours out likka for xtube*

i watch his flixxx for the stroke and the big ‘maican bunz tbh.

i’m only in there for “post-nut clarity” purposes.
there have been rumblings in the forests about how he gets down tho.
yardie likes to release content without permission.

a foxholer sent me the lead to another vocal victim of yardie.
he goes by the name of thiquecam.
they got into it on twitter spaces about this same issue.
it led to alleged revelations about hiv and yardie givin’ the bunz up

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some attentionistos have made it hard to believe they get by on looks alone

as of late,
is it wrong for me to font:

I don’t believe a single thing I see on social media these days.

i feel like 98% of things posted are cap,
especially from males.
there is a real bts story that we won’t be shown.
that is “until“.
until someone gets sick of their shit and goes for exposure.

when it comes to the attentionistos,
i use to wonder how they had no jobs or careers but…

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sometimes it’s best to shut your mouth as a celebrity.
they don’t need to interject themselves into everything,
but social media has made it this way.
people that are best left as a mystery ruin themselves by “talking”.
zoe kravitz,
who is still riding on the success of batman,
decided to post this on her ig:


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twitter got her together in about 15 minutes…


was tekashi69 trying to get/give 6 or 9 inches to/from lil nas x?

lil nas x is so handsome.
he joins me in “the team of legendary #biglips“.
one thing i like about him is he knows how to handle his social media.
he is charming and very amusing.
i can only imagine all who is sliding up in his dms with his fame.
baller wolves?
 other singer/rappers?
once you get that blue check,
it becomes a whole different story.
tekashi69 made a comment about lil nas x in regards to china requiring anal swabs for outsiders.
this is what he said ( x under akademiks post about it ):

lil nas x decided to do some commenting of his own in regards to that comment…

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so which gays was renting rooms with kevin samuels?

we gotta be really careful who we stan for and defend.
some of these jackals and hyenas can end up making us looking really stupid.
you know folks love it when you’re mean to other people for no reason at all.
we stan bad and obnoxious behavior!


kevin samuels,
who is a self-proclaimed “life and relationship coach“,
was made famous after this tongue lashing with this vixen who wanted his advice:

he had folks judging and sending her death threats after that.
she should have known better and find someone liscened but i digress.
i noticed straight hood males and lost vixens were making him his savior on clubhouse.
wellllllllll it seems it’s kevin’s time for judgment about his alleged background.
his ex-wife allegedly spills all…

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