sometimes it’s best to shut your mouth as a celebrity.
they don’t need to interject themselves into everything,
but social media has made it this way.
people that are best left as a mystery ruin themselves by “talking”.
zoe kravitz,
who is still riding on the success of batman,
decided to post this on her ig:


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twitter got her together in about 15 minutes…

lawd ham mercy.
i don’t know why she decided to insert herself.
she just got her breakthrough role and chose “insufferable”.

the public can have an opinion about this.
hollywood folks who turn a blind eye to filth,
all in the name of roles and fame,
should keep themselves out of this mess.
see: harvey weinstein and roman polanski.
let will and chris be the subject of public opinion.
they even got jim carrey up to date on his past shit too:

that is the thing about social media.

It never forgets.

lowkey: social media beez like to other celebs…

“You don’t come for Will.
We will.”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


    1. Me too bc remember when jada fucked a man her sons age with an auto immune disorder and then ditched him with all of his mental trauma and issues???

      We can play the this you game all day with that family

      Remember when will cheated and left his wife sherree for jada with a young son?

      1. ^i guess it goes to show none of these people should be defended or admired?
        they are all in the same soup being toxic.

        … and they don’t care and neither should we.

      2. Did you even read or were you just looking to go in on the Smiths lmao?

        The point is that Zoe and her associates have displayed violent behavior but now she suddenly has a “stance” against it. She saw an opportunity to add on to the dog pile and found herself in deep sh*t.

  1. Hey, She can say what she wants and her adoring public can turn on her and spit her out if they want too!!!

    Isn’t Democracy Fantastic !!!!

    1. ^i feel like this will benefit each and everyone one of these folks.
      these people don’t care.
      will doesn’t care.
      jada doesn’t care.
      chris doesn’t care.
      the oscars doesn’t care.
      this will all help make these people money.
      for all the years i’ve been in entertainment,
      this will end the usual way which is why i’m just sitting and observing.

  2. I didn’t mean to laugh at that tweet to Holly Marie Combs. That tweet was so mean.

    Hollywood is being oddly hypocritical about this whole thing. Of all the bad and destructive behavior these celebs ignore, this is the one thing they speak out against??? Gimme a break.

  3. Zoe had every right to say what she said. Everybody and their momma are talking about it,why can’t she. Wrong is wrong.

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