i know you are angry at how you’ve been treated.
you’ve been holding that hurt in for a long time.
i’m angry too because it has happened to me countless time.
you know what bugs me?

People stood by as you were treated like shit and did nothing.
No one defended you or supported you.

it fuckin’ sucks.
this entry goes out to those who…

Parents turned the other cheek when they knew you were molested/raped.

People who turned on you after you fell from grace.

Partners who left you for a better or younger model.

…or it could be one of those things with a different cast.
either way,
you weren’t supported,
or protected.
you vanished and people expected you to fall off.

surprise bitch!
I’m still here and better than ever!

i had a really intense therapy session today.
we opened the door to my past and how people just stood by.
people i thought were my friends didn’t rally behind me,
but i watched them rally behind others.
even years later,
i’m still treated like this outcast when i was done wrong.

It stung a little bit.

it always made me wanna run away and hide.
i felt like i didn’t matter nor was i enough.
i’m here to tell you (and myself):

D o n ‘ t
h i d e

you need to go hard.
you don’t bow down to those who think that you will.
you don’t need their support.
you’ll find your cheerleaders and tribes as you navigate forward.
if it comes to it,
be your own support system.


don’t shut all that amazingness away because:

Your mother/father would rather support another family member or sibling

Your “friends” would rather rally behind the rapper/singer who might pop soon

Your boss and co-workers who still want to fit in like this is high school

my motto has always been to move silently.
folks will be baffled on how/when that happens.
the sad part tho?
even with all of your rise and success:

They won’t support you out of guilt or still being vindictive.

lowkey: this is how some villains are made.
they were sick of the disrespect and went balls deep in destruction.

Author: jamari fox

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