i liked august alsina before he lost his mind.
his lips
that voice
that penis

he let “september” take the wheel and hasn’t stopped driving.
he was fine and talented enough to be a legit big deal.
somewhere he went left and he has become…

he might have decided to chime in on this whole will smith debacle.
we were all waiting to see if he was gonna say something.
per his ig


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what is this hotep langauge?
i know it’s hotep language cause it has emoji hieroglyphics in it.
it’s this speaking without speaking/morse code bs.
i really hate this is what he became.

All the 2000s R&B singers let their alter egos take over and…

as far as jada pinkett smith,
because you know she was gonna be brought up,
she wants us to heal this season:

that i am jada.
that i am.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Sometimes it’s best to say nothing. Unless he sees this as a chance to get his name out there again

  2. He’s so bitch made. That made me cool off on him waaayyy back. Just like he cussed Keisha Chante out and many other countless incidents with him.

    1. He is so sexy but that issue with keke Palmer left a bad taste in my mouth
      I know he has trauma so I try to forgive but
      Jada using and abusing him and discarding him once she and her husband got back on good terms definitely left a sour taste in my mouth as well

      This is a Black man with mommy issues who slept at gas stations and admittedly had sex for a place to stay before he made it

      How someone can swoop in and be a mentor family to someone under 25 with all that trauma and bond with them only to start getting broke off by them cuz they got a big dick and thug appeal is very odd

      And I remember him saying he was going to make an onlyfans at one point, presuming once he and she left the entanglement and was pressed for cash

      Are we gon start fucking on foster kids now too just cuz they over 18? It’s giving woody Allen

  3. @Teatimetips2
    I didn’t know he sexed for a place to sleep. That is so deeply saddening to read. Then the autoimmune illness and the vulnerability, insecurities that accompanies that. Plus feeling less than. It makes Jada look like a predator on Santa Monica Blvd trolling for a big dick quick fix. Will looks stupider as the days go in and out. He is going to be sued by someone, even if Chris will not, someone else will.

    1. “News flash Lisa, just because he got a big dick don’t mean he legal with ya pedophile ass!” — Tiffany Haddish, Girls Trip.

  4. How do we know August Alaina got a big dick? Is there proof or receipts for me to review?!?

  5. Umm memo to August… Where is the Album 😲😲 why can’t we hear new love songs that can only be sung by you instead you are here talking gibberish and word salad😲😲 i hope you realise that You and Will were both played by this bitch who is really missing a dead man’s dick ,😲😲 Bruh…no pussy is worth it .NONE .So SNAP THE FUCK OUT OF IT…..
    Concerned 😎

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