some attentionistos have made it hard to believe they get by on looks alone

as of late,
is it wrong for me to font:

I don’t believe a single thing I see on social media these days.

i feel like 98% of things posted are cap,
especially from males.
there is a real bts story that we won’t be shown.
that is “until“.
until someone gets sick of their shit and goes for exposure.

when it comes to the attentionistos,
i use to wonder how they had no jobs or careers but…

Can travel to these nice places,
stay in these gorgeous hotels/resorts,
work out all day,
and simply just look “beautiful”.

males these days are playing the same games as vixens.
they’ll date a vixen publicly for the show but bts,
they have other ways of making money.
some of the straightest attentionistos are getting slutted and smutted.
the same ones who will “i don’t do that gay shit“.
a foxholer blew me tf away with this alleged story:


( x see more here )

…and you’d think from his pics and videos,
he was just some sexy wolf that knows his angles and bawdy parts.
there is allegedly more that was happening bts.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “some attentionistos have made it hard to believe they get by on looks alone”

  1. So lets get honest about a couple of things. First, there was a study that was done not to long ago that basically said that the more attractive you are the more successful you tend to be in society. 2nd many people say that the oldest profession is prostitution , men have been paying for sex since the beginning of time; but guess what women also pay for sex and members of the LGBTQIA+ community pay for the sex that they are interested in as well.

    I think the broader issue is the fact that the vast majority of people in the United States don’t have enough money to live a truly “ American life” and people are doing the best they can do to get by let alone keep up with the Jones’s. The median cost of rent in 2022 is $2,000 with most needing to show that they make at least 3 times the rent, I don’t know a lot of people who are making $6,000 a month; and to be honest that $2,000 usually is for a studio in a lot of desirable major metropolitan areas to really get a nice 1 or 2 bedroom you are looking at $3,000 and in some cases $4,000 which means you would have to show anywhere from $9,000 to $12,000 a month in income; this is also not including utilities, phone, cable, life insurance, car insurance, medical expenses, food, etc. It cost real money to live a stable American life. I read an article not to long ago that said to have a truly middle class life in the San Francisco Bay Area or even New York, you had to be make $250,000.

    Also to be honest, it take a decent amount of money to look good in our society especially as good as these people look. Not only are we talking about time that’s spent in the gym but you’re also talking about the clothes and shoes, haircuts, facial creams, toners and moisturizers, colognes/ perfumes, manicures and hopefully pedicures that people are getting as well. I think the truly sad part is just the level of dishonestly, you’re not making seven figures pushing meal prep or fitness classes your also probably not getting that working a legit 9-5.

    1. And the average prostitute that people try to glamorize isn’t doing well either . I think people conflate escorting and prostitution . Escorting is high end clientele where rates are discussed and it’s typically consistent . Needs are met outside of service based meaning a man may take care of your travel expenses .

      Prostitution is quick sucking dick and motel or car sex for under $500

      A lot of people are the latter but pretend to be the former because of the stigma attached to sex work

  2. After monkeypox and all the other probable crap that could go wrong in the sex department or being too free or injudicious, it would seem that a
    9-5 would be the best option for self support.
    I am over seeing body parts that aren’t my own humble, sometimes creaky knees and thighs. There is such a proliferation of perfection, I simply don’t want to bore myself even TRYING TO LOOK. Abs and eight packs are redundant. If you don’t have God or a lot of discipline and self control, looking like these men do, they are bound to be tempted to sell themselves to someone with deep pockets.

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