not lori beth denberg with a story about nickelodeon not being all that bts too!!!

as a kid,
“all that” was one of my fav shows.

i begged my mother to buy me the soundtrack because i LOVED the theme song:

i’ve been avoiding “quiet on set” on max,
a show that exposes how many of my fav childhood stars on nick,
were being violated behind the scenes.
lori beth denberg was one of my absolute favorites on the show.
when she revealed that dan schneider,
who is trying to sue for slander,

( x peep that here )
allegedly tried her too…

Lori Beth Denberg, a 48-year-old actress known for starring in All That from 1994–98, is accusing showrunner Dan Schneider of sexual harassment and verbal abuse. In a May 15 interview with Business Insider, Denberg detailed sexual abuse beginning when she was 19, when Schneider called her into his office and showed her porn against her will. “I feel like that is the first time he preyed on me,” she told BI. She claims he was “verbally abusive” on set, showed her pornography multiple times, fondled her, and initiated phone sex.

…i felt sick to my stomach.
the pic they used in the “business insider” article for lori beth:

…she looks absolutely tired.

these allegations have ruined so many millennials childhoods tbh.
these shows were our escape and even babysat us.
to know they were a source of comfort for many of us,
but bts,
they were so uncomfortable for our entertainment really makes me sad.
i hope dan schneider realizes

…rumors of his alleged perverted behavior are not brand new information.

i’ve heard so much shit about him throughout the years.
i’ve heard alleged stories with amanda bynes and some weird alleged shit with arianna:

…but he is going to be in for a long ride trying to prove his innocence to the public.
its wild i never noticed all the feet obsession when i would watch these shows.
it’s not just him under fire atp but all the other alleged perverts at nick,
especially all the parents who turned the other cheek to sell their kids for income…

Please step to the front.
Your reckoning is here.

lowkey: nick cannon is moving pretty strange too.
his quest to out fuck and breed seems like a bts story of his own.

article cc: the vulture

2 thoughts on “not lori beth denberg with a story about nickelodeon not being all that bts too!!!

  1. I hate that for all of them that experienced the negative side of all this. I especially hate that it sours their entire being/childhood. I fully believe her I know some don’t but I fully do believe her.

    1. Been seeing so many people discount her experience because she’s not considered attractive by society’s standard and I need y’all to understand this man didn’t do this because he was attracted to them he got off on the power and harm that he inflicted on these people. Sexual assault and the like is not about sexual attraction its about the hurt harm and danger that they can cause a person and the power that they wield.

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