he is gay because he didn’t try to sexually assault her?

many vixens don’t know what they want from the opposite sex.
when a wolf doesn’t give or do what she wants,
suddenly he is:


when in doubt,
ruin his reputation for clout.

she-jackals are dying to uncover a DL so they can have a story to tell us on social media.
the following had me rolling my eyes so hard that they got stuck.
it was a she-jackal who told a wolf her rules that he followed,
but now she thinks he is gay because he didn’t break them…

he’s gay because he didn’t try to penetrate her boundaries but if he did…

There would have been a video made on how he didn’t respect her boundaries,
made her uncomfortable,
and she would have milked that sympathy porn for content.

ya know,
she is a fuckin’ dumb ass.

it is me…

or are there way too many main characters nowadays?

people who are doing the most for attention that they are doing/saying the dumbest shit?
like not even a conflicting opinion but legit off the wall shit for controversy.
what she said is so dangerous because others have been raped for less.
i’m starting to think that getting rid of tiktok might be a good idea after all.

lowkey: i need vixens to realize something…

Many male who are DL will fuck the shit out of pussy to prove he isn’t gay to her and himself.
He will fuck her good for years,
marry and breed her,
only to drop heronce he can’t fake the feeling anymore.
Males who are DL are fuckin’ pussy because of the feeling and not the person.

There are plenty of out gay males who were married and fucked their vixens senseless.
No one suspected he was gay because he played straight very well.
They tend to be in my inbox trying to get in my fox box.

the wolf in her story probably wasn’t even into her because,
she is sort of an idiot.

2 thoughts on “he is gay because he didn’t try to sexually assault her?

  1. I need women to come together and decide what they think actual gayness is because everyday a man is assumed as gay because he’s doing something that they don’t agree with or don’t like. I just…I’m tired of these changes in the dynamics of what is considered gay and how everything that men do being placed under a microscope and their sexuality analyzed by their actions.

    I think people are so used to the hates women=gay when that isn’t true we aren’t in the era of Rock Hudson anymore incels exist and they are only attracted to women but also hate women strongly let’s focus on that instead of the “easy” fix.

  2. You know when women say stuff like the help facilitate the stereotype that alot of people call toxic.

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