no spelled backward is on and you should be gone (on is in gone)

“The worst they can do is tell you no.” – Karaoke said to me the other day

the word “no” is scary.
we think we are good enough and end up getting rejected.
we end up being scorned and don’t want to try for anything anymore.
karaoke and i were talking about approaching things boldly and asking for what we want.
i use to be so scared of rejection because of my past trauma due to rejection.
it all came from a fear of being judged and wanting to control things tbh.
so i’d wait for someone to say “yes” while wasting my time deciphering signs and games.
i’ve learned the hard way that:

“Mixed signals or hesitation means no.”

i was watching something with law roach the other day.
he is the vision behind many of zenadaya’s looks.
law is dope and i fux with him so far.
during this podcast discussion with “the cutting room floor”,
he spoke about all the big brands who told him “no” for zendaya to wear their clothes.

this is what he said that gave me my oprah “a-ha” moment

@tcrfff 🎙️S5 EP11: @Luxury Law #fashionpodcast ♬ original sound – The Cutting Room Floor

“If you say no,
it’ll be a no forever.”

for me,
i’ve wanted the “yes” so bad that i went way past the expiration date.
you know how you’re treated when that happens.
i tried to keep myself in the radar to achieve the yes but never got it.
so i’m learning when someone says no,
or its all this work for the yes,
they can keep it.

and dick don’t need hoop jumping.
either give it to me or they can go forever.
i don’t have time to play silly games.
i’ve learned the hard way that:

When what you want is interested or wants you back,
you won’t have to try hard or do the most for the “yes”.

i think this is why those people get where they need to be.
they don’t care if they get rejected and move on to the next.

karaoke said something else in our conversation that stuck with me too.

“When you want something,
ask for it.
You don’t want to be dwelling on something in the past,
telling yourself that you should asked for it back then.

2 years later and you are still regretting a situation that required boldness.
The worst they can do is tell you no.”

it’s easier said than done but i’m starting to get it.

2 thoughts on “no spelled backward is on and you should be gone (on is in gone)

  1. This is still a tough one for me. I want what I want and hate rejection. I’ve had to learn to move past the fear because I haven’t yet died from hearing “no”. It’s still difficult and most times I just avoid the ask because I hate “no”. BUT, that gives me something to work on. Thanks for the reminder…

  2. I didn’t think about it this way but I do agree hesitation or nothing outside of a confirmed yes is a no even no response is a no. I completely applaud him for sticking to his laurels especially if they not giving a check.

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