cloudy with a chance of cancer

“How have you been?”

at this point,
we haven’t spoken for a month now.
some messages get answered; many don’t.
it was never like that with us.
she has been crazy busy with her new job so it’s understandable.

“I’m good.
I have cancer but I’m great…”


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are you missing the plug to being connected to self?

it has been a thought that has been going through my mind recently.
it actually started when we talked about teyana taylor.
on this week’s podcast,
and that last entry,
we came to the conclusion there is a disconnect with teyana and her music.
the thought about being disconnected from self came in the form of a question

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Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba

this is how it started.
that was a conversation between karaoke and i earlier.
it was in regards to a video that flew down my twitter timeline.
of course,
i wanted the foxhole’s opinion.
so it was a the united states navy band and they did their rendition of “circle of life“.
this is the clip i watched and well…
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file a missing person’s report for karaoke

karaoke has been missing since 2 months ago.
she just vanished,
something in my spirit told me to leave her be.
we didn’t have an argument or anything,
but we were supposed to record a podcast and she never responded.
she finally hit me up and admitted to me…

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i’m not in the same key with karaoke these days

karaoke came back up north for thanksgiving.
we decided to go to one of my favorite soul food spots,
“amy ruths”,
to catch up.
i ended up getting there a little late.
jamari fox has an issue with being on time.
i had “the rev. al sharpton” which is chicken and waffles.
that i put a quick shot of it on my ig stories:

 i came to a realization about us by the end of the night tho…

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